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Monday, February 28, 2005

Click Here For Teach science, math, English to black children

WorldNetDaily: Teach science, math, English to black children: "I submit it is time to pull the curtain back and reveal the wizard pulling the levers of failure for these children. Black children must be equipped with competitive math and science skills. They must possess communication skills that exceed Ebonics. They must, without question, possess social skills beyond those embraced on the street corner. Black children must be taught that the world doesn't end at the corner of their neighborhood -- nor does it begin with rap music, drugs and violence.

It is an incomparable injustice perpetrated on these young to waste a month with TV commercials and charlatans fomenting a prescribed history of social injustice when the children being indoctrinated are unable to read, write or comprehend at their grade levels.

When Carter Woodson initiated Black History Week, black children took pride in being able to read and write. Today the polar opposite is the case. It is the lack of marketable linguistic, social and educational skills that cause the disproportionate rates of unemployment and income disparity among blacks. "


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