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Thursday, September 30, 2004

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"More than one eyewitness and police report from the scene, shortly after the blast, mentioned 'unexploded bombs', which were being defused by police, in the hopes that they would provide information as to what kind of bombs had been employed, and who might have built or planted them. Less than a day later, these reports were denied, and have not been heard again. "

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"He is totally ignoring the fact that what took down the Murrah federal building were INTERNAL charges placed against structural columns, verified ON CAMERA by local officials and the governor of Oklahoma, confirmed by explosives experts, and later covered up by the controlled media. This reviewer has some such statements on video tape from local TV coverage. "

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"The video shows about a dozen media broadcasts aired within an hour after the blast, in which it is unequivocally stated that the Army is now defusing three unexploded mercury bombs found inside the building. It was during this period that all rescue work was delayed for full two hours immediately after the first two blasts."


"News reporters on the scene shortly after the building collapsed reported that workers were removing bombs that did not go off from within the building."

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"Materials detailing the government's early assertion that other unexploded bombs were found by authorities immediately after the first bomb went off; "


"The initial news coverage, supported by statements from state, federal and local government officials, described the removal of multiple unexploded bombs from inside in the Murrah Federal Building. "


"3. That an unexploded bomb was found attached to a gas line inside the building. A FEMA memo also reports at least two additional bombs were found in the Murrah Building.

Again, confirmation of at least two additional bombs which were found in the Murrah Building. Joe Harp, based on his military explosives experience, refutes the ANFO claim and identifies the additional bombs he sees removed from the building as being military in nature.

This statement by survivor Jane Graham tells of three men she saw in the Murrah Building Garage the week prior to the bombing, and the FBI's obvious disinterest in the matter. Note that the reports of additional bombs are confirmed by the fire department. The suggestion that the bombs found in the Murrah Building were just practice bombs requires that the trained experts of the police and fire department bomb squads be too stupid to know real explosives from fake."


"Immediately after the bombing it was also reported and then confirmed by Bomb Squad experts, that unexploded bombs larger than the one responsible for the explosion inside the building had been located, removed from the building and successfully defused. "

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"...The initial news coverage, supported by statements from state, federal and local government officials, described the removal of multiple unexploded bombs from inside in the Murrah Federal Building. "

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"In this article, we present startling new eyewitness testimony concerning demolition charges removed from the Murrah Building and the men who may have planted them there, together with new expert testimony, recently released official records, and some of the most important evidence and supporting documentation that has been reported piecemeal in our previous articles on the bombing."

This evidence includes: "Recordings of real-time, live television news broadcasts reporting official confirmations of multiple unexploded devices inside the Murrah Building."

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"PROOF there were additional explosive charges."

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"The French have not earned their right to oppose President Bush's plans to attack Iraq. On the other hand, I have."

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"Please ask yourself, what have you done to deserve that sacrifice? Do not try to justify your comments by claiming that you made them only because you care about innocent lives. "

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"The map displayed above is a clever bit of political humor, but if God is trying to send United States citizens a message about their presidential choices, He isn't doing it by unleashing hurricanes on Florida."

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"Admiral Schlech approved the request, and on 3 January 1970 Kerry received an honorable discharge, six months early. "

However I dispute this one:

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"The hoax struck especially hard in Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan, New York State, California, and Texas. From the end of 1993 until February 1994, it went into remission. Then a Massillon woman revived it with a one-page handwritten flier that said police were warning women to be aware because a gang was coming from Detroit to recruit members. Initiation would be to kill a woman at Belden Village Mall. In one night, she sent faxes to several dozen businesses. Police arrested Ann Sibila the next day and charged her with inducing panic. "

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"In 1991 Prof. Leonard Jeffries, chairman of [New York] City College's African-American studies department was loudly proclaiming this canard as fact. This wasn't the first time the controversial professor had made erroneous, racially-biased statements; in a speech earlier that same year, he proclaimed that Jews and the Mafia had teamed up with white conservatives to 'destroy the Blacks' and announced it was well known that ''rich Jews'' were responsible for the Black slave trade. "

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"The second prevalent vilification rumor ties Coors to the Ku Klux Klan, probably as both an outgrowth of the 'right wing equals bad guy' way of thinking and as an expression of concerns over how the company has handled race relations issues in the past. "

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"Timberland isn't owned by the Ku Klux Klan, nor does it have any such connections. "

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"Snapple's three co-founders, Hyman Golden, Leonard Marsh, and Arnold Greenberg, were interviewed on MTV. "'How could three Jewish boys from Brooklyn support the Ku Klux Klan?'"

Click Here For Menthol Things Considered -- Plot to Kill Blacks with Cigs?

"...menthols are especially excoriated, with a number of unusual slanders attached particularly to them, extra to the usual industry-wide KKK ownership rumors. "

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"This was but one of the many forms the 'slavery reparation tax credit' misinformation has taken over the years. An April 1993 Lena Sherrod commentary entitled 'Forty Acres and a Mule' which appeared in Essence magazine dealt with the concept that reparations were owed to the descendants of African-Americans who were forced to work unpaid for 246 years, and that African-Americans were owed a tax rebate for years of legalized racial discrimination. "

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"Big Pimpin' For The Shorties

It's probably not surprising, in a cultural climate in which porn inspired phrases as 'the money shot' or drug-dealer slang as 're-up' have come to be used so commonly that they regularly show up in newspapers, to find the concept of the pimp becoming normalized, even venerated as a pop icon. But pimps for kids? That should more than surprise us. It should anger us."

The Pentagon was not struck by a hijacked jet on September 11-Fiction!

"C. Christopher Kelley of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology says that the effort to identify bodies that ended on November 16, 2001, identified all but one of the victims of flight 77."

Click Here For Two instant messages warned of the World Trade Center attacks before they happened-Fiction!

"A September 28 article from IDG News Service, however, says the message was a non-specific threat that did not mention the World Trade Center. Alex Diamendis of Odigo said it was the timing of the message that made it unusual."

Click Here For 4,000 Israelis did not show up for work on the day of the WTC attacks-Fiction!

"In his book Against All Enemies, former White House counterterrorism advisor Richard Clark states that the story was false. He says, 'With almost every terrorist incident or similar event, an urban legend develops that challenges the official story. After the events of 9/11, one widespread legend had it that Israel had attacked the World Trade Center and had warned Jews not to go to work that day.'"

Click Here For CNN Refrained From Reporting Atrocities about Saddam Hussein until after the war in Iraq-Truth!

"I felt awful having these stories bottled up inside me. Now that Saddam Hussein's regime is gone, I suspect we will hear many, many more gut-wrenching tales from Iraqis about the decades of torment. At last, these stories can be told freely."

Click Here For Bush lied about weapons in Iraq? - What about the Democrats-Truth!

"'Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.'
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998"

Click Here For Comparing the backgrounds of the stars versus the politicians-Truth!

"Barbra Streisand : Completed high school Career: Singing and acting

Cher: Dropped out of school in 9th grade. Career: Singing and acting

Martin Sheen: Flunked exam to enter University of Dayton. Career: Acting

Jessica Lange: Dropped out college mid-freshman year. Career: Acting

Alec Baldwin: Dropped out of George Washington U. after scandal.Career:Acting

Julia Roberts: Completed high school. Career: Acting

Sean Penn: Completed High school. Career: Acting

Susan Sarandon: Degree in Drama from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC Career: Acting

Ed Asner; Completed High school. Career: Acting

George Clooney: Dropped out of University of Kentucky. Career: Acting

Michael Moore: Dropped out first year University of Michigan. Career: Movie Director

Sarah Jessica Parker: Completed High School. Career: Acting

Jennifer Anniston: Completed High School. Career: Acting

Mike Farrell: Completed High school. Career: Acting

Janeane Garofelo: Dropped out of College. Career: Stand up comedienne

Larry Hagman: Attended Bard College for one year. Career: Acting"

To be fair:
Robert Oliver: Attended University of Texas at Arlington for two years. Career: Writing

Click Here For "It's Not About Sex"-an open letter to Bill Clinton from a veteran-Truth!

"But we must live with your lies and arrogance a while longer. Your amorality and lack of character have been as pervasive as they have been despicable, and we have no reason to believe you'll resign and go away. You'll count on half-truths, attack dogs and spin doctors to see you through, the country be damned. You think we'll excuse you and look the other way. "

Click Here For John Kerry and Jane Fonda speaking at anti-war rally-Fiction!

"This picture is a hoax.The original photo of John Kerry is from and shows John Kerry alone with the papers in his lap and a peaceful park-like or campus setting in the background.
The caption says he was preparing to give a speech at a 'register for peace' rally on June 13,1970 in Mineola, New York.
The picture of Jane Fonda that was combined with the Kerry photo is also from Corbis. The caption says it was taken in August of 1972 in Miami Beach, Florida at an anti-war rally near the Republican National Convention."

Click Here For John Kerry and the Swift Boat Crews-Truth! and Disputed!

"The Swift Boat Veterans, however, claim that Kerry lied in his account of what happened on the river. One of the veterans who says he was there, Van Odell, says his is one of seven eyewitness accounts and that Kerry was not under enemy fire when he pulled Rassmann out of the river. He told 'Fox New Sunday' on August 22, 2004 that 'There was no enemy fire from either bank.'"

Click Here For Actress Jane Fonda has become a born-again Christian-Truth!

" Jane Fonda has become a born-again Christian, enthusiastic in her newly found faith, and her conversion is making waves from Atlanta to Hollywood.

"She's regularly attending church services and Bible studies in Atlanta, and>one friend calls her faith 'very real, very deep.'"

Click Here For Conservatives Can Be Proud of Their Civil Rights Record

"The civil-rights bill of 1964 was enacted with strong bipartisan and bi-ideological (conservative and liberal) support. But, the credit for the civil-rights victory has gone almost exclusively to liberals and Democrats, particularly to Senator Hubert Humphrey (D, Minn.) in Congress, and to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. However, much of the hard work of advancing the legislation was done by congressional Republicans -- conservative stalwarts including Everett McKinley Dirksen of Illinois, Charles Halleck of Indiana, William McCulloch of Ohio, Robert Griffin of Michigan, Robert Taft Jr. of Ohio, Clarence Brown of Ohio, Roman Hruska of Nebraska, and moderates such as Thomas Kuchel of California, Kenneth Keating of New York, and Clark MacGregor of Minnesota. All of these Republicans served as major leaders of the pro-civil-rights coalition either as floor managers or captains for different sections of the bill."

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Click Here For African Americans will lose voting rights in 2007-Fiction!

"This is a hoax. Voting rights for African Americans will not expire in 2007. "

Click Here For In Defense of Affirmative Action (Pro-position)

"Taking action to end racism is the challenge and responsibility of every single person in our society, as well as of the institutions and organizations which have such a large impact on our lives. "

Click here and buy the book: - Halle Berry By the Book

"Halle Berry played hostess this week in the moonlit garden of her Hollywood Hills home to fete famed acting teacher Ivana Chubbuck's book The Power of the Actor. "

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Click Here For Bill Bradley Fouls the Civil Rights Act

"On October 9, 1999 at an Iowa Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, Bradley exclaimed: 'I remember the exact moment that I became a Democrat. It was the summer of 1964; I was an intern in Washington between my junior and senior year in college. And I was in the Senate chamber the night the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed that desegregated public accommodations in America... And I became a Democrat because it was the party of justice. It was Democrats that stepped forward that evening in the Senate and cast their vote that washed away the stain of segregation in this country.'

I believe that Democrats have lied about who supported the Civil Rights Act for so long that they actually believe their lies. But anytime this lie is retold, I feel compelled to debunk it. So here we go again..."

What Do You Call a Segregationist

What do you call a conservative segregationists like Strom Thurmond (before he switched) and John Stennis?


What do you call liberal segregationists like William Fulbright and Albert Gore, Sr.?


Click Here For Time to Tell the Truth

"Time to tell the truth: The great movement of blacks to the Democratic Party took place for economic reasons, not because of civil rights "

Click Here For Barry Goldwater and the 1964 Civil Rights Act

"The supposed strident switch by Franken's dad is somewhat curious considering the fact that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed largely due to the support of Republicans. According to Congressional Quarterly, in the Senate, 82% of Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act, while only 69% of Democrats did. All southern Democratic senators voted against the Act. In the House, 80% of Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act versus 61% of Democrats. Ninety-two of the 103 southern Democrats voted against it."

Click Here For the flier flyer in the 2002 Baltimore Maryland election

"The truth, as reported in the Baltimore Sun, was that the flier was found by Democratic campaign volunteers.2 Neither Democratic officials nor the Sun brought forward even one regular citizen to say that he or she had found the offending flier.3 In fact, officials could only show that a whopping total of four of these fliers had been found4, and all of them at a single place5, a school.6 When pressed for evidence that Republicans had anything to do with this mysterious flier, a Democratic spokesman had to admit, 'In a sense, we have no proof.'7"

Click Here For Al Franken, give us a break ... Bush 2001 tax cut plan

"The lowest tax bracket under Bush's plan was reduced from 15 to 10 percent, a difference of 33 percent. No other tax bracket sees nearly such a change. Of course, if you want to look at the tax plan in pure dollars, as Franken does, Bush's plan is open to all sorts of spin. The bottom line is if you give a gazillionaire any kind of tax cut, he will obviously keep more money than someone in the bottom bracket. But that's because he's a gazillionaire. Any tax cut at the top end will benefit the top end in raw numbers alone. In the end, the top bracket is eventually lowered from 39.6 percent to 35 percent, a difference of about 12 percent. Compare that to the 33 percent savings found among those in the lowest bracket. Now people can understand President Bush when he says, 'The bottom end of the economic ladder receives the biggest percentage cuts.'2 The President is telling the truth. But Franken?"

Click Here For Franken bloggy blog professor

"Blogs, like the graffiti one sees on the walls of a public restroom, are not subject to any editing, fact checking, or rules whatsoever. "

I have to agree. However, I am a journalist and my stardards of fact checking apply on this blog. I invite the reader to check facts too.

The Hidden Facts About the History of Black America

By M.D. Currington

The overwhelming majority of Black America is registered Democrat. This of course includes Black politicians, Black business people, and Black educators. Furthermore, the Democratic Party's major supporters include the public school teachers' associations and leaders of the various liberal education movements. Consequently, most Blacks may not have ever heard some of the facts about the history of Blacks in the American political process. Tactics and strategies by Democrats have actually convinced Blacks that Republicans hate Blacks and have always wanted to destroy Black America. The truth seems to be very different. Here are some facts that Democratic Party doesn't want Black America to believe.

Slavery was a Protected Institution of the Democratic Party
Thomas Jefferson (a Slave Owner) founded the Democratic Party in 1792 as a congressional caucus to fight for the Bill of Rights and against the Federalist Party. By 1840 the Democratic Party became the Party who protected the right of White Men to own Black Slaves. Every single Democratic Party platform from 1840 - 1865 declared that Slavery was an institution that they would be willing to die for, in order to keep.

The Republican Party was organized to eliminate and outlaw Slavery in the U.S.On February 28, 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin all of the anti-Slavery advocates convened together and formed a political Party called the Republican Party. The Republican Party held its first Convention on July 6, 1854 in Jackson, Michigan. The Michigan Convention formalized the Party and began selecting candidates for various offices. The Party's primary effort was to use any means necessary to outlaw Slavery (that peculiar institution of the South) in the United States. The Republican Party was so aggressive that their first President, Abraham Lincoln, declared war in order to rid the young nation of this horrible barbarism.

Democrats Repossessed Reparations of 40 Acres and a Mule from Freed SlavesPresident Andrew Johnson (a Democrat) Repealed the Order that gave Blacks Reparations of 40 acres of tillable land and a mule. President Johnson also ordered the repossession of all of the land that had already been given former Slaves by the Republican Administration. Republicans began discussions of Reparations to Blacks immediately after they [the Republicans] defeated the Democrats in the Civil War. On January 12, 1865, shortly before the end of the Civil War, General William Tecumseh Sherman and the Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton, met with twenty Black community leaders in Savannah, Georgia, to get their input as to how Blacks would define "freedom."

Republican leaders expressed a need for land and a separate Black "state". As a result of this meeting, on January 16, 1865, General Sherman issued Special Field Order No. 15, which set aside 7,600 square miles in a 30-mile wide tract of land (inland from the sea) along the Atlantic coast stretching from Charleston, South Carolina South to St. John's River near Jacksonville, Florida, for the exclusive settlement by Blacks. This area of land included all of the islands along the coastline between Charleston and St. John's River. The Field Order also guaranteed Blacks U.S. military protection, as well as 40 acres of tillable land per Black family, plus other provisions such as a mule or horse and any other animal that was no longer useful to the military.

General Rufus Saxton, director of the South Carolina Freedmen's Bureau, was assigned by General Sherman to implement the Order. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in April 1865, causing concern for the Field Order Settlement of Blacks. However by June 1865, Saxton settled over 40,000 Black people on 40-acre tracts of land - a total land allocation of over 400,000 acres. By the way, some of this land was confiscated from Democrat Confederates and other land was abandoned as a result of the Civil War. Jurisdiction of that land was transfered to the Freedman's Bureau, which was headed by General Oliver Otis Howard (who also helped establish Howard University).

In September of 1865, the new President Andrew Johnson (a Democrat) reversed the Field Order, issued special pardons and returned that land to the Democrat Confederates. This was very ironic because during the Secession crisis, Johnson remained in the U. S. Senate even when Tennessee seceded from the Union, which made him a hero in the North and a traitor in the eyes of Southerner Democrats. In 1862 President Lincoln appointed him Military Governor of Tennessee, and Johnson used the state as a laboratory for Reconstruction. In 1864 the Republicans, contending that the Republican Party was for all loyal men, nominated Johnson, a Southerner and a Democrat, for Vice President. On Good Friday, April 14, 1865, President Lincoln was assassinated and Vice President Andrew Johnson became President Andrew Johnson.

Subsequent to President Johnson's reneging on the Reperations of 40 acres and a mule to Blacks, U.S. Rep. Thaddeus Stevens, a Pennsylvania Republican, proposed the 40 acres plus $100 to build a house. The military would loan a mule to work the land. The legislation was defeated in Congress on February 5, 1866 by a vote of 126 to 36.

The Ku Klux Klan began as a fraternity organized by Democrats to terrorize Blacks and RepublicansThe Ku Klux Klan was organized June 1866 organization in Pulaski, Tennessee by a small group of Democrats who were Confederate army officers. They gave their society a name adapted from the Greek word Kuklos (meaning the "circle"). Soon the Ku Klux Klan emerged as the principal organization for underground resistance to Radical Reconstruction and to perpetuate the culture of white supremacy in the South. In 1867, a convention of delegates from the former Confederate states (all Democrats) met and re-organized the Klan into the "Invisible Empire of the South" with former Confederate (Democrat) Gen. Nathan B. Forrest as the group's leader, called a Grand Wizard. Its activities were directed against the Reconstruction governments and their leaders, both black and white, who came into power in the southern states after the Civil War. The Klansmen regarded the Reconstruction governments as hostile and oppressive and resented the rise of former slaves to a status of civil equality with whites and often to positions of political power. Waging a battle against Reconstruction governments, the Klan quickly spread throughout the former states of the Confederacy. Attired in robes or sheets and wearing masks topped with pointed hoods, the Klansmen terrorized public officials in efforts to drive them from office and Blacks in general to prevent them from voting, holding office, and otherwise exercising their newly acquired political rights. It was customary for Klansmen to burn crosses on hillsides and near the homes of those whom they wished to frighten. When such tactics failed to produce the desired effect, their victims might be flogged, mutilated, or murdered. Their reign of terror eventually subsided because Democrats regained political control in the South and instead used other means to exclude Blacks from voting or running for office.

Jim Crow Laws, Poll Taxes, Black Codes are all political policies of the Democratic PartyThe KKK was certainly not the only problem for Blacks and Republicans, Democrats generally were just very evil: "Every Democrat must feel honor bound to control the vote of at least one Negro, by intimidation, purchase, keeping him away, or as each individual may determine, how he may best accomplish it. Never threaten a man individually. If he deserves to be threatened, the necessities of the times require that he should die. A dead Radical is very harmless- a threatened Radical or one driven off by threats from the scene of his operations is often very troublesome, sometime dangerous, always vindictive." (Original Draft of Democratic Party Campaign, by ex-Confederate Martin W. Gray.)

Black America was once faithful and very supportive as members of the Republican PartyBlacks began serving in the United States Congress in 1869. Besides them were the thousands of Blacks who were elected to state and local offices. Blacks were more numerous than whites in many state legislatures. For example, in the early 1870's there were 87 Blacks in the South Carolina legislature as opposed to 40 Whites. Blacks had almost as much representation in some other states. Here are a few firsts in Black History:

1. Pinckney Benton Stewart (P.B.S.) Pinchback (who was Lieutenant Governor) served as the 1st Black to serve as Governor of any state. He was governor of Mississippi from December 9, 1872 to January 13, 1873.

2. Hiram Rhoades Revels - The 1st Black to serve in the United States Senate (1870 - 1871). He was a Republican from North Carolina

3. Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett - In 1969 appointed US Minister to Haiti, becomes the first African-American to receive a diplomatic appointment.

4. Jonathan Jasper Wright - The 1st Black State Supreme Court Justice in the Nations history. Justice Wright was elected to the South Carolina Supreme Court on February 1, 1870 and served until his resignation December 1, 1877.

5. Oscar J. Dunn - Became the first Black Lt. Governor in of any state in the United States. Dunn was elected June 13, 1868. Served until his death November 22, 1871. P.B.S. Pinchback finished Dunn's term.

6. John Willis Menard of Louisiana becomes the first African-American elected to Congress, but is denied a seat.

7. Joseph H. Rainey - The 1st Black sworn in as member of U. S. House of Representatives. December 12, 1870.

Blacks support dwindles in the Republican Party
Blacks began leaving the Republican Party in large numbers (never to return) in the1960's. However Blacks began supporting the Democratic Party in the 1920's. The Republican Party disgusted Blacks with what they interpreted as neglect by the Party. During Reconstruction (the years immediately following the civil war), the momentum of Black political power was growing tremendously. This power diminished dramatically soon after a deadlocked presidential election in 1876.

Dubbed the "Compromise of 1877", this agreement settled that political juggernaut between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and Democrat Samuel J. Tilden. Tilden won the popular vote, but Republicans had control of South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana, thus giving them control of the Electoral College. Each Party in those three states had competing electors, forcing Congress to decide the election. Hayes, the incumbent, appointed an electoral commission, which, with one more Republican than Democrat, declared him the winner. Hayes had 185 electoral votes and Tilden had 184 electoral votes. Democrats in the Senate threatened to prevent the commission from reporting with a filibuster. Some Democrat and the Republican Congressional leaders, however, met in a secret at a Black-Owned Hotel called the Wormley House Hotel. Republicans proposed that if the Democrats conceded defeat for the White House, the Republicans would agree to pull U.S. troops out of the South.

This forced Blacks to act more autonomously for their safety, governance, and their new way of life. This has and always been one of the principles of the Republican Party. Unfortunately Blacks became comfortable with federal military presence in the South and never planned for an eventual withdrawal of federal troops. When Blacks heard the compromise, they were horrified. But why? Blacks virtually controlled states - including the law enforcement. Strategic planning by state leaders to replace federal troop protection with adequate state law enforcement would have maintained Black political power, law & order, and controlled the treachery by Democrats and their KKK. Black officials simply became as afraid of Democrats as if they were still Slaves and allowed Democrats to successfully strong-arm the South from Black Republicans back into Democrat hands.

Black appeals to the Republican Party went largely unanswered - to the dismay of Blacks. Again, Blacks held positions that controlled law enforcement in their states. Republicans didn't want to re-commit federal troops to the South possibly causing another Civil War. Republicans were actually angered that their blood that was already shed in order for Blacks to achieve so much, seemed to be in vain in light of the apparent fear and weakness among the Black power base. Rather than for Blacks to blame themselves for their weakness and fears, they charged the Republican Party with dirty politics. Sound Familiar? Black support in the Republican Party slid down with few interruptions - permanently! Blacks remained in political limbo until Franklin Delano Roosevelt offered welfare programs to Blacks in the 1930's in order to gain their support in the Democratic Party. Sadly, Blacks never gave Republicans any appreciation for thier constant proposals of federal anti-lynching legislation from the 1890's thru the 1940's which was routinely defeated by Democrats who were supported by those lynchers. Black support for the Republican Party permanently shifted to the Democratic Party in 1960 when the Democratic Party responded to a request from Martin Luther King, Sr.

In 1960, Martin Luther King, Jr. refrained from endorsing anyone for President. In the fall of that year, King, Jr. was arrested at a lunch counter sit-in in Georgia. He was jailed in the Reidsville Prison in Alabama. This occurred during the 1960 presidential campaign between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. Both Robert Kennedy and his brother, the Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy, used their influence to get the judge to allow King, Jr. to post a bond and be released on bail. The Kennedys even called Coretta King to console her. King, Jr. still felt it better for the cause to stay neutral. His father, Martin Luther King, Sr., originally endorsed Nixon, but switched to endorse Kennedy after his son was released from jail - just two weeks before the election. It is believed that the efforts of the Kennedy brothers to help King and his family helped Kennedy win the presidency by swinging Black votes towards the Democratic candidate. The Black vote has never looked back since then.

Democrats tried to defeat Civil Rights efforts in America
When Asked, most Blacks will say that the Civil Rights Movement began with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s non-violent protests and Democratic President Lyndon Banes Johnson's signing the 1965 Voting Rights Act into law. The reality is that Civil Rights began long before any of them were even born. Furthermore No Civil Rights legislation would pass either without significant Republican support or with significant Democratic support. Here is a Civil Rights Timeline:

The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863
The Civil Rights Act of 1866
The Civil Rights Act of 1871
The Civil Rights Act of 1875
The Civil Rights Act of 1957
The Civil Rights Act of 1960
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
The Voting Rights Act of 1964
The Civil Rights Act of 1968

All civil rights acts since then are merely updates and aesthetic changes. The Acts listed above comprise the foundation and substance of all civil rights in the United States. The Democratic Party, despite having significant support of Blacks since the 1930's, has never supported any foundational Civil Rights legislation!!

The Democrats have never apologized enslaving Black Americans.
Many Blacks and Democrats in this country are calling for a formal apology and Reparations for Black Slavery in the United States. However, not one of the Democratic Party's convention Platforms have ever called for an end to Slavery, an apology for Slavery, or Reparations for Slavery. The Democratic Party's official Websites, never discuss their historic position on Slavery. Their website,, states, "...the Democratic Southern base was disenfranchised by the Civil War and Reconstruction". The statement seems to imply that Democrats in the South were innocent victims of Republican wrath rather than for their barbaric institution of enslaving Blacks and willing to secede for the Union, fight and die in order to protect the institution of Slavery. The site Democratic Nation Committee (website, website also calls the Pro-Slavery presidential candidate, Samuel Tilden (who ran unsuccessfully for President), a predecessor of the Progressive reformers of the 1900's. Is it true that those who call themselves Progressive are pro-Slavery white supremacists in the tradition of Samuel Tilden?

Amazingly most Blacks are very critical of the abolitionist Republican Party while remaining very loyal to the Pro-slavery Democratic Party. Some Blacks are aware of this apparent hypocrisy of the Democratic Party's history regarding Slavery, but have somehow chosen to "protect" this primary instution of Slavemasters. They should be ashamed of themselves. All of those who learn these facts should re-examine who is labeled an Uncle Tom.

Black Americans have a legacy buried in the history of a Party they were later taught to call "right winged" and evil. Before any Black American parrots that pejorative again, that person must remember that one of the best ways Slavemasters controlled Black Slaves is by perversely limiting the Slaves' education. Furthermore the Slavemaster always taught that the Slavemasters enemies were also the Slaves' enemies (such as teaching that abolitionsts were evil). Slaves were also taught that if a fellow Slave sympathized with the "Slavemaster-identified" enemies (such as those who hated Slavery or taught reading and writing), the other Slaves were to no longer associate with that Slave, severely criticize that Slave, and very quickly tell the Slavemaster of that fellow slaves transgressions. Soon afterward he would be whipped into submission and/or death. Notice any parallels?

© 2001 M.D. Currington

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<"The 14th Amendment, passed in 1868, was designed in ensure that African-Americans would enjoy all the rights and privileges granted to citizens of the State or the Nation. State Legislatures in the South, mostly controlled by Democrats, refused to ratify either amendment. When the ratification vote for the 14th Amendment did finally come, 96% of the Republicans in the House voted for it. 100% of the House Democrats voted against it. 91% of the third party House members voted for it. In the Senate, 94% of the Republicans voted for it. 100% of the Democrats voted against it. 50% of the third party Senators voted for it. Southern Democratic opposition to black civil rights continued and worked with the KKK in trying to prevent blacks from voting as documented in hearings held by Congress in 1868. The Republican Party, after taking the moral high ground early on in issues so critical to civil rights for American Blacks, drifted away, lost interest or no longer cared, except to defeat Democratic opposition to civil rights legislation in the 1960's. Considering this history and the black experience with both major parties, why should either party be routinely rewarded with the black vote? "

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"a substantial portion of people living in cities are probably convinced that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat. That kind of thing is one of the big problems with American public education."

Click Here For Black Voters 'Afraid' of Electronic Voting Machines, Activist Says

"African-American GOP consultant Tara Setmayer, who has worked on Florida congressional campaigns, called Bland's remarks 'insulting' to black Americans."

Click Here For The Art of Confusing Fame with Wisdom

"Comedienne-turned-peace-activist Janeane Garofalo offered a stunning admission on Sunday, explaining that she and her fellow anti-war protesters didn't stage huge demonstrations when President Clinton launched attacks on Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan and the Sudan because 'it wasn't very hip' to protest the former president. Garofalo went on to claim that Hollywood actors Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins led protests against Clinton's 1998 Iraq attack, saying that 'there was a lot of protest, just as there was against the first Gulf War.' A Lexis-Nexis search for December 1998, the month Clinton bombed the daylights out of Baghdad, failed to turn up a single report that mentioned either Sarandon or Robbins protesting the attacks. "

Click Here For More on "The Perty of Civil Rights"

"The Democrats have long assumed the moniker Party of Civil Rights just as Michael Jackson created his title King of Pop. But just because you call yourself something, that doesn't change what you really are."

Click Here For Does the Democratic Party take blacks for granted?

"Mission accomplished. Many blacks now flat-out despise Republicans and would never vote for one. Why, even the father of retiring black Congressman J.C. Watts, R-Okla., once said, 'A black person voting for a Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.' Or, as someone once put it, the Democratic Party has convinced blacks that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat and George Wallace a Republican."

Click here to buy the book:

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Click Here For Southern Decadence Official Website

"With over 100,000 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered participants last year, the economic impact on the city was estimated to be in excess of $95 million. Mayor Ray Nagin has recognized its importance with an Official Proclamation to welcome the event."

Click Here For The Black Vote Schism

"As a result of this groundswell within the African American church community some big time media names have found themselves sitting on the sidelines. Reverend Jesse Jackson who has been less than clear on the issue of homosexuality finds himself marginalized in the midst of clear speaking voices. Reverend Al Sharpton finds himself without a voice in the issue at all after proclaiming time and again on the campaign trail that he would not only support gay marriage - but perform them. And in the days ahead both will continue to be marginalized primarily because the coalitions of black clergy in America have now a full head of steam and are not waiting for others to lead - but rather taking up the mantle and getting vocal themselves."

Click Here For Obama says his beliefs say no to gay marriage

"''I'm a Christian, and so although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman,'' Obama said."

Click Here For Obama Cites Religion in Opposing Gay Marriage

"Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama said Friday that his Christian beliefs dictated that marriage should be between a man and a woman, although he supports civil unions that give legal rights to gay and lesbian couples. "

Click Here For Keyes vs. Obama

"Obama wrote a letter to the Windy City Times, Chicago's premier gay news source, to promise his support for gay marriage. He said, 'I opposed DOMA [the Defense of Marriage Act] in 1996. It should be repealed and I will vote for its repeal on the Senate floor. I will also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying.'"

Click Here For An Empowerment Strategy For Eliminating Neighborhood Crime

"Writes former Director of the National Institute of Justice, James K. Stewart: 'Crime is the ultimate tax on enterprise. It must be reduced or eliminated before poor people can fully share in the American dream.' (James K. Stewart, 'The Urban Strangler: How Crime Causes Poverty in the Inner City,' Policy Review, Number 37, Summer 1986, p. 8.) Controlling crime is a precondition to improving the lives of the urban poor because no neighborhood can grow economically unless it is first safe. As sociologist Charles Murray, Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, notes, the key to reducing crime is to create an atmosphere of lawfulness. (Charles Murray, 'Crime in America,' National Review, June 10, 1988, p. 35.) Low-income neighborhoods explicitly should project the message to the would-be criminal, whether a resident or not, that crime is not tolerated, that moral principles are observed and enforced. "

Click Here For The Truth About Tax Rates and The Politics of Class Warfare

"These commonsense tax reforms are being criticized, however, by opponents of tax relief who claim that 'only the rich' will benefit. Policymakers should ignore this class-warfare rhetoric. Unlike European welfare states crippled by redistributionist policies, the United States has prospered because success is admired rather than envied. But more needs to be done to redesign America's tax code so that barriers to upward mobility that remain are reduced. In other words, cutting taxes is not a policy for the rich, but a strategy that will help everyone else become rich or at least rise as far and as fast as their talent, ability, and willingness to work will take them."

Click Here For Jackson Chides Political Misleaders

"'They have made a living telling black people they are victims,' the HUD secretary said in an interview with The Associated Press. 'As long as they keep them in victim mode, they have liberals who will take care of them.'"

Click Here For I'd rather be right than Rather

"But my overall joy only turned to anger in the aftermath. For a full week, Rather and his bosses stonewalled, insisting that the story was true. Finally, even they gave up the ghost and had to acknowledge that they'd been duped. But how did they do it? Not too surprisingly, by continuing to insist that while the documents may well have been forged, the facts were still true. Rather, himself, predictably let himself off with the mildest of mea culpas: 'I was mistaken.' "

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Click Here For The assassination of Ron Brown

"What Clinton did not say was that Brown had gone to Croatia to broker a sweetheart deal between the neo-fascist strongman who ran Croatia, Franjo Tudjman, and Enron Corporation. This was all part of the Clintons' desperate drive to raise money for their 1996 re-election campaign. "

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Click Here For the Looney Bin

"For many years, I have proudly referred to Ezola Foster as Ebola
Foster. I do so because I truly feel that, if white supremacist blindness
was biological warfare, Ezola would indeed be the Ebola virus. This
neocon mammy, addicted to Republikkkan rhetorical crack, is a
legendary loon from California. Petrifyingly, she has taken her
Stepford wife in blackface minstrel show on a national tour."

Click Here For Mauritania 'still practising' slavery

"The Mauritanian Government has been accused of doing nothing to stop slavery even though the practice was outlawed there 20 years ago."

Still a Bush Plan for the Draft?

Universal National Service Act of 2003 (Introduced in Senate)

S 89 IS


1st Session

S. 89
To provide for the common defense by requiring that all young persons in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes.

January 7, 2003
Mr. HOLLINGS introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Armed Services (Is not this man a Democrat? Why are Democrats pushing the draft openly but yet Bush is accused of a secret plan?)


To provide for the common defense by requiring that all young persons in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


(a) SHORT TITLE- This Act may be cited as the `Universal National Service Act of 2003'.

(b) TABLE OF CONTENTS- The table of contents for this Act is as follows:

Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.

Sec. 2. National service obligation.

Sec. 3. Two-year period of national service .

Sec. 4. Implementation by the President.

Sec. 5. Induction.

Sec. 6. Deferments and postponements.

Sec. 7. Induction exemptions.

Sec. 8. Conscientious objection.

Sec. 9. Discharge following national service .

Sec. 10. Registration of females under the Military Selective Service Act.

Sec. 11. Relation of Act to registration and induction authority of Military Selective Service Act.

Sec. 12. Definitions.


(a) OBLIGATION FOR YOUNG PERSONS- It is the obligation of every citizen of the United States, and every other person residing in the United States, who is between the ages of 18 and 26 to perform a period of national service as prescribed in this Act unless exempted under the provisions of this Act.

(b) FORM OF NATIONAL SERVICE - National service under this Act shall be performed either--

(1) as a member of an active or reserve component of the uniformed services; or

(2) in a civilian capacity that, as determined by the President, promotes the national defense, including national or community service and homeland security.

(c) INDUCTION REQUIREMENTS- The President shall provide for the induction of persons covered by subsection (a) to perform national service under this Act.

(d) SELECTION FOR MILITARY SERVICE - Based upon the needs of the uniformed services, the President shall--

(1) determine the number of persons covered by subsection (a) whose service is to be performed as a member of an active or reserve component of the uniformed services; and

(2) select the individuals among those persons who are to be inducted for military service under this Act.

(e) CIVILIAN SERVICE - Persons covered by subsection (a) who are not selected for military service under subsection (d) shall perform their national service obligation under this Act in a civilian capacity pursuant to subsection (b)(2).


(a) GENERAL RULE- Except as otherwise provided in this section, the period of national service performed by a person under this Act shall be two years.

(b) GROUNDS FOR EXTENSION- At the discretion of the President, the period of military service for a member of the uniformed services under this Act may be extended--

(1) with the consent of the member, for the purpose of furnishing hospitalization, medical, or surgical care for injury or illness incurred in line of duty; or

(2) for the purpose of requiring the member to compensate for any time lost to training for any cause.

(c) EARLY TERMINATION- The period of national service for a person under this Act shall be terminated before the end of such period under the following circumstances:

(1) The voluntary enlistment and active service of the person in an active or reserve component of the uniformed services for a period of at least two years, in which case the period of basic military training and education actually served by the person shall be counted toward the term of enlistment.

(2) The admission and service of the person as a cadet or midshipman at the United States Military Academy, the United States Naval Academy, the United States Air Force Academy, the Coast Guard Academy, or the United States Merchant Marine Academy.

(3) The enrollment and service of the person in an officer candidate program, if the person has signed an agreement to accept a Reserve commission in the appropriate

Click Here For Slavery in Sudan and Mauritania

"This human rights organization brings together abolitionists and human rights activists from all races, creeds, and nationalities to collectively fight for the eradication of the chattel enslavement of black Africans. It is a response to the centuries-old practice of buying, selling, and breeding Africans by Arab Moors and North African Arabs which never stopped in the countries of Sudan and Mauritania."

Click Here For Reporters in Contempt

"Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc. joins with journalism groups and news organizations in condemning the judicial punishment of reporters who refuse to reveal confidential sources when alternative ways of getting the same information remain available.

These actions by the judiciary in cases that concern matters of political and national interest have a chilling effect on the role of the free press in a democratic society.

The actions also show an apparent willingness of some judges to abandon justifiable restraint in favor of fashionable antipathy towards the media.

These actions send the wrong message at the wrong time to the international community about fundamental American values.

We believe judges hearing these cases should reconsider their decisions in light of the long tradition in this country -- dating back to the founding of the Republic -- that recognizes the vital 'safety valve' provided by confidential disclosures and the key role of the press.

We believe the battle for public opinion should be played out in the nations' newspapers, magazines, television stations, cable programs, radio shows, and Web sites. And we believe the battle should not be played out and lost prematurely in the courtrooms of this country.

Journalists are invited to sign a statement that will be presented to federal officials and published in newspapers around the country. "

Bush Plan for the Draft?

I'm a little confused:

Universal National Service Act of 2003 (Introduced in House)

HR 163 IH


1st Session

H. R. 163
To provide for the common defense by requiring that all young persons in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes.


January 7, 2003
Mr. RANGEL (for himself, Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mr. CONYERS, Mr. LEWIS of Georgia, Mr. STARK, and Mr. ABERCROMBIE) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Armed Services (Aren't these people all Democrats?)


To provide for the common defense by requiring that all young persons in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


(a) SHORT TITLE- This Act may be cited as the `Universal National Service Act of 2003'.

(b) TABLE OF CONTENTS- The table of contents for this Act is as follows:

Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.

Sec. 2. National service obligation.

Sec. 3. Two-year period of national service .

Sec. 4. Implementation by the President.

Sec. 5. Induction.

Sec. 6. Deferments and postponements.

Sec. 7. Induction exemptions.

Sec. 8. Conscientious objection.

Sec. 9. Discharge following national service .

Sec. 10. Registration of females under the Military Selective Service Act.

Sec. 11. Relation of Act to registration and induction authority of Military Selective Service Act.

Sec. 12. Definitions.


(a) OBLIGATION FOR YOUNG PERSONS- It is the obligation of every citizen of the United States, and every other person residing in the United States, who is between the ages of 18 and 26 to perform a period of national service as prescribed in this Act unless exempted under the provisions of this Act.

(b) FORM OF NATIONAL SERVICE - National service under this Act shall be performed either--

(1) as a member of an active or reverse component of the uniformed services; or

(2) in a civilian capacity that, as determined by the President, promotes the national defense, including national or community service and homeland security.

(c) INDUCTION REQUIREMENTS- The President shall provide for the induction of persons covered by subsection (a) to perform national service under this Act.

(d) SELECTION FOR MILITARY SERVICE - Based upon the needs of the uniformed services, the President shall--

(1) determine the number of persons covered by subsection (a) whose service is to be performed as a member of an active or reverse component of the uniformed services; and

(2) select the individuals among those persons who are to be inducted for military service under this Act.

(e) CIVILIAN SERVICE - Persons covered by subsection (a) who are not selected for military service under subsection (d) shall perform their national service obligation under this Act in a civilian capacity pursuant to subsection (b)(2).


(a) GENERAL RULE- Except as otherwise provided in this section, the period of national service performed by a person under this Act shall be two years.

(b) GROUNDS FOR EXTENSION- At the discretion of the President, the period of military service for a member of the uniformed services under this Act may be extended--

(1) with the consent of the member, for the purpose of furnishing hospitalization, medical, or surgical care for injury or illness incurred in line of duty; or

(2) for the purpose of requiring the member to compensate for any time lost to training for any cause.

(c) EARLY TERMINATION- The period of national service for a person under this Act shall be terminated before the end of such period under the following circumstances:

(1) The voluntary enlistment and active service of the person in an active or reverse component of the uniformed services for a period of at least two years, in which case the period of basic military training and education actually served by the person shall be counted toward the term of enlistment.

(2) The admission and service of the person as a cadet or midshipman at the United States Military Academy, the United States Naval Academy, the United States Air Force Academy, the Coast Guard Academy, or the United States Merchant Marine Academy.

(3) The enrollment and service of the person in an officer candidate program, if the person has signed an agreement to accept a Reserve commission in the appropriate service with an obligation to serve
on active duty if such a commission is offered upon completion of the program.

(4) Such other grounds as the President may establish.


(a) IN GENERAL- The President shall prescribe such regulations as are necessary to carry out this Act.

(b) MATTER TO BE COVERED BY REGULATIONS- Such regulations shall include specification of the following:

(1) The types of civilian service that may be performed for a person's national service obligation under this Act.

(2) Standards for satisfactory performance of civilian service and of penalties for failure to perform civilian service satisfactorily.

(3) The manner in which persons shall be selected for induction under this Act, including the manner in which those selected will be notified of such selection.

(4) All other administrative matters in connection with the induction of persons under this Act and the registration, examination, and classification of such persons.

(5) A means to determine questions or claims with respect to inclusion for, or exemption or deferment from induction under this Act, including questions of conscientious objection.

(6) Standards for compensation and benefits for persons performing their national service obligation under this Act through civilian service .

(7) Such other matters as the President determines necessary to carry out this Act.

(c) USE OF PRIOR ACT- To the extent determined appropriate by the President, the President may use for purposes of this Act the procedures provided in the Military Selective Service Act (50 U.S.C. App. 451 et seq.), including procedures for registration, selection, and induction.


(a) IN GENERAL- Every person subject to induction for national service under this Act, except those whose training is deferred or postponed in accordance with this Act, shall be called and inducted by the President for such service at the time and place specified by the President.

(b) AGE LIMITS- A person may be inducted under this Act only if the person has attained the age of 18 and has not attained the age of 26.

(c) VOLUNTARY INDUCTION- A person subject to induction under this Act may volunteer for induction at a time other than the time at which the person is otherwise called for induction.

(d) EXAMINATION; CLASSIFICATION- Every person subject to induction under this Act shall, before induction, be physically and mentally examined and shall be classified as to fitness to perform national service . The President may apply different classification standards for fitness for military service and fitness for civilian service .


(a) HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS- A person who is pursuing a standard course of study, on a full-time basis, in a secondary school or similar institution of learning shall be entitled to have induction under this Act postponed until the person--

(1) obtains a high school diploma;

(2) ceases to pursue satisfactorily such course of study; or

(3) attains the age of 20.

(b) HARDSHIP AND DISABILITY- Deferments from national service under this Act may be made for--

(1) extreme hardship; or

(2) physical or mental disability.

(c) TRAINING CAPACITY- The President may postpone or suspend the induction of persons for military service under this Act as necessary to limit the number of persons receiving basic military training and education to the maximum number that can be adequately trained.

(d) TERMINATION- No deferment or postponement of induction under this Act shall continue after the cause of such deferment or postponement ceases.


(a) QUALIFICATIONS- No person may be inducted for military service under this Act unless the person is acceptable to the Secretary concerned for training and meets the same health and physical qualifications applicable under section 505 of title 10, United States Code, to persons seeking original enlistment in a regular component of the Armed Forces.

(b) OTHER MILITARY SERVICE - No person shall be liable for induction under this Act who--

(1) is serving, or has served honorably for at least six months, in any component of the uniformed services on active duty; or

(2) is or becomes a cadet or midshipman at the United States Military Academy, the United States Naval Academy, the United States Air Force Academy, the Coast Guard Academy, the United States
Merchant Marine Academy, a midshipman of a Navy accredited State maritime academy, a member of the Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, or the naval aviation college program, so long as that person satisfactorily continues in and completes two years training therein.


(a) CLAIMS AS CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR- Any person selected under this Act for induction into the uniformed services who claims, because of religious training and belief (as defined in section 6(j) of the Military Selective Service Act (50 U.S.C. 456(j))), exemption from combatant training included as part of that military service and whose claim is sustained under such procedures as the President may prescribe, shall, when inducted, participate in military service that does not include any combatant training component.

(b) TRANSFER TO CIVILIAN SERVICE - Any such person whose claim is sustained may, at the discretion of the President, be transferred to a national service program for performance of such person's national service obligation under this Act.


(a) DISCHARGE- Upon completion or termination of the obligation to perform national service under this Act, a person shall be discharged from the uniformed services or from civilian service , as the case may be, and shall not be subject to any further service under this Act.

(b) COORDINATION WITH OTHER AUTHORITIES- Nothing in this section shall limit or prohibit the call to active service in the uniformed services of any person who is a member of a regular or reserve component of the uniformed services.


(a) REGISTRATION REQUIRED- Section 3(a) of the Military Selective Service Act (50 U.S.C. 453(a)) is amended--

(1) by striking `male' both places it appears;

(2) by inserting `or herself' after `himself'; and

(3) by striking `he' and inserting `the person'.

(b) CONFORMING AMENDMENT- Section 16(a) of the Military Selective Service Act (50 U.S.C. App. 466(a)) is amended by striking `men' and inserting `persons'.


(a) REGISTRATION- Section 4 of the Military Selective Service Act (50 U.S.C. App. 454) is amended by inserting after subsection (g) the following new subsection:

`(h) This section does not apply with respect to the induction of persons into the Armed Forces pursuant to the Universal National Service Act of 2003.'.

(b) INDUCTION- Section 17(c) of the Military Selective Service Act (50 U.S.C. App. 467(c)) is amended by striking `now or hereafter' and all that follows through the period at the end and inserting `inducted pursuant to the Universal National Service Act of 2003.'.


In this Act:

(1) The term `military service' means service performed as a member of an active or reverse component of the uniformed services.

(2) The term `Secretary concerned' means the Secretary of Defense with respect to the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, the Secretary of Homeland Security with respect to the Coast Guard, the Secretary of Commerce, with respect to matters concerning the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, with respect to matters concerning the Public Health Service .

(3) The term `United States', when used in a geographical sense, means the several States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam.

(4) The term `uniformed services' means the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, commissioned corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and commissioned corps of the Public Health Service .

Sudan's Genocide: Mutual Fund Divestment

Dear Friends of Sudan,

This is the second in a number of messages which we will be
providing dealing with how we can put financial pressure on
foreign companies which are benefiting from the genocidal
policies of the government of Sudan.

Right now the most effective thing that we can do is to sell all
our investments in companies which do business in Sudan. Today
let's focus on mutual funds.

REMEMBER THAT the message is to the mutual fund management. We
want management to sell the specific investment from the funds
so that we do not need to sell our mutual funds. Options are

1. If you own mutual funds through a broker (American Express,
Nations Bank, Smith-Barney, Merrill Lynch, etc), call your
broker or advisor. Tell him/her to research your investments
and let you know whether any of your holdings include companies
which are doing business in Sudan (You may provide the list
which is repeated at the end). If so, you want him/her to tell
the brokerage firm that you want them to sell those companies
from your mutual funds because they are profiting from genocide
in Sudan. Tell him/her to get back to you within a week.

2. If you own mutual funds directly from a fund company (such
as Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity, etc), write to your mutual
fund company. Tell the company that you do not want your funds
to invest in any company which is doing business with the
genocidal Government of Sudan. Tell them that you want to know
what they are doing about avoiding those companies and that you
expect a prompt answer. Again, you may provide them the list of
the especially "dirty-five" which is repeated for you in this

Our goal is to get the mutual fund managers to sell the
investments. That is the most effective result because it
drives the impact on the offending companies.

Ultimately, you will need to base your final actions on the
response of your mutual fund management. If they are
unresponsive and you are truly committed, you will need to bite
the bullet and sell the offending investments. Don't do that
until you understand the specific financial implications for you
... then let your conscience be your guide.

If you have further questions about how to go about this, please
contact me by e-mail.

In His Service,


Here is a Partial list of Companies Involved (ticker symbols in
parenthesis) in Sudan:

1. Germany's Siemens AG (SI) presently building the world's
largest diesel-powered electrical generating plant outside
2. Switzerland's Asea Brown Boveri Limited, Zurich (ABB) now
engaged in a huge project to upgrade the electrical grid for
Khartoum and the surrounding urban areas, as well as in
automation work for the major oil production consortium in Sudan
3. France's Alcatel (ALA) , a telecommunications giant, is yet
another company that offers commercial telecommunications
support that benefits Khartoum, and the immediate environs of
Khartoum; without benefiting the rest of the people.
4. China National Petroleum Corporation is the dominant and
most ruthless international player in Sudan's oil sector.
PetroChina (PTR) is wholly controlled and 90%-owned by CNPC and
lists on the New York Stock Exchange.
5. Tatneft (TNT) is a Russian oil company that is an important
participant in Sudan's oil sector.

Bill Andress
Moderator, Sudan Advocacy Action Forum
301 Ashley Oaks Court
Lexington, SC 29072
803 951 3025

Click Here For Defensive use of guns underreported

"Many of the national morning and evening network news shows in 2001 had 'about 190,000 words of reporting on gun-crimes stories,' he said, 'but during that entire year, there was no mention of using guns [for protection] or self-defense.' "

Click Here for Socialism is Evil: Part II

"Consider a few everyday decisions such as: whom we marry, what food we eat, where we live and what clothes we wear. How many of us would want majority rule to determine those decisions. For example, your family would like ham for Thanksgiving dinner and vacations in Mexico, but you're prevented from doing so because the majority of Americans decided on turkey for Thanksgiving and vacations in Canada. Were decisions actually made this way, most of us would agree that we'd be living in a state of tyranny. "

Click Here For Socialism is Evil

"It's not just left-wingers and Democrats who call for and admire socialism but right-wingers and Republicans as well. "

Click Here For How to Lie with Non-Statistics

"Hysteria sells -- and accuracy takes time, which could make the news stale by the time the statisticians check it out. However, some of the claims are so ridiculous that all it would take would be to do what Ted Koppel did, ask what the data are based on."

Click Here For "Democracy" in America

"Merriam-Webster suggests the word 'democracy' and the Democratic party are synonymous? "

Click Here For Glossary for the Liberal Media

"Death tax vs. estate tax, Preferences vs. affirmative action, Big oil; big tobacco vs. big Hollywood; big trial lawyers; big teacher's union , Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) vs. Star Wars... "

Click here to buy the book:

Click Here For Who's Bankrolling The Left?

"The oddest source of the left's money comes from the rich.

The really rich."

Click Here For The Democrats' Sorry Lot

"But even worse damage was done by the left's system of racial favors. Facing discrimination, blacks were forced to be smarter, better educated, and harder-working if they wanted to get ahead. Under preferences, they were told that they could be less smart, less educated, that they did not have to achieve as much as others. The more radical leftists assailed all education and achievement, promoting ignorance, rudeness, and poor grammar as indelible aspects of 'black culture.' "

Click Here For Liberalism vs. Individual Rights

"Why object to voluntary employment but remain silent regarding slavery? It looks like a terrible inconsistency. But is it? A closer look shows that liberals consistently endorse the violation of the rights of the very people they profess to protect."

Click Here For America's New National Pastime: Bashing President Bush

"Social Bush-bashers depend on something they feel Bush supporters lack -- civility. Mature people avoid making others uncomfortable or getting into disputes over politics in social settings. They avoid unnecessarily offending people whom they don't know. They don't assume the world marches in lockstep with their views. "

Tales of Our First Black President

Go to

"For a President of the United States to commit felonies and get away with them is a deadly legacy that may embolden future presidents to disregard the law -- and on things far more serious than cheap sex. Once you have demonstrated how brazen lying and character assassination against those who prosecute you, or who serve as witnesses, can get you through the worst scandals, you have left behind a blueprint for the further corruption of government."'s Editorial Review of Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What We Can Do About It

"America has two economic systems: capitalism for the rich and socialism for the poor. This double-minded approach seems to keep the poor enslaved to poverty while the rich get richer. Let's face it, despite its $400 billion price tag, welfare isn't working.

The solution, asserts Star Parker, is a faith-based, not state-sponsored, plan. In Uncle Sam's Plantation, she offers five simple yet profound steps that will allow the nation's poor to go from entitlement and slavery to empowerment and freedom. Parker shares her own amazing journey up from the lower rungs of the economic system and addresses the importance of extending the free market system to this neglected group of people. Emphasizing personal initiative, faith, and responsibility, she walks readers toward releasing the hold poverty has over their lives."

Click here and buy the book:

Click Here For The Barack Obama Myth

"In fact, Obama has bristled at being referred to as a mainsteam Democrat. When he was accused by Black Commentator magazine as being co-opted by the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). Black Commentator believes the more moderate rhetoric of the DLC and Bill Clinton's willingness to compromise with Republicans for political gain have harmed the party. It believes the DLC's candidates are corrupted by corporations, and refers to conservative black politicians as 'black stealth candidates,' which is how they characterized Obama."

Click Here For Firefighters Versus the Media

"One of the biggest stories of the presidential campaign is being ignored by the major media. It's how the president of the firefighters union engineered an endorsement of John Kerry for president without asking his members about it. It turns out most of the members of the union are Republicans who support Bush."

Monday, September 27, 2004

Click Here For The Media Losing Their Way

"With these events coming after the editors of two respected national newspapers, the New York Times and USA Today, were forced to resign because their organizations were duped by lying staff reporters, it is hard to overcome the sense that the professional practices and code of responsibility in journalism have suffered a body blow. "

Click Here for Up To Their Old Tricks

"Noticeably absent from the commercials is any mention of a democratic plan to address any of the issues they raise. This is quite possibly because the democratic candidate, John Kerry, has failed to clearly articulate a plan for the future as he has spent the majority of his time talking about the past. More significantly, however, the ads hint at a level of desperation in the Kerry campaign. Without the black vote Kerry cannot win and with no record in the black community to run on he has been unable to inspire much passion among this traditional constituency."

Click Here For An amendment to stop moral decay

"The gay marriage issue has struck a nerve in the black community and may well mark the beginning of a sea change in black voting behavior. Pastors who have voted Democratic all their lives have told me and others that this issue has lead them out of the Democratic Party. "

Click Here For Conspiracy or not, blacks still have responsibility

"The truth is, I don't think we really believe in a white-led conspiracy. Either that or we have fallen so low that we simply have no pride left. I think such arguments are simply used to conveniently shift blame from blacks to whites. But let us not forget -- even if there is a conspiracy, we aren't any less responsible. It's ultimately our responsibility not to become willing participants. "

Say Amen church!

Click here and buy the book:

Click Here For Poor, black, and left behind by arrogant Democratic Party

"African Americans, it is cynically assumed, will remain loyal to the Democrats regardless of the treasons committed against them. They are, in effect, hostages."

Click Here For Marion Berry - A Star is Born

"To this day, many black officeholders depend on the perception of on-going, widespread racism in order to remain competitive in the electoral process. They underplay the dramatic improvements in economic and social status experienced by blacks over the last 40 years. They know that the easiest way to win reelection is to make the voting populace believe that the problems confronting the black lower class continue to stem primarily from racism. Whereas once this was certainly true, continuing to cling to the idea of race based solutions has now isolated the black community and led them down a dead end street. Instead of acknowledging this fact by revaluating the tenets of liberalism, our leaders just tote the same old racially divisive rhetoric that solicits knee jerk reactions from the populace. And they continue to win, because at least one sad reality of democratic politics is that emotional arguments often trump sensible discussion of policy reform. "

Click Here For "Sexy" Contraceptive Patch Fatality Rate Revealed

"Night after night during prime time when children and young teens are in front of the TV set, the American people are treated to commercials showing half naked young women prancing around displaying their new 'sexy' contraceptive patch. This 'sexy' patch has been sold as the easiest form of birth control and an alternative to the pill. Ortho Evra patch manufacturer, Ortho-McNeil, touts their patch is easier to remember than taking the pill because a woman need only change the patch once a week versus the Pill which is a daily dose. "

Click Here For New Mental Health Program Alarms Parents in Illinois

"Other concerned parents say they will refuse to participate in such a program they emphatically state has gone way too far with state interference in their lives and the personal lives of their children. Amy Witherspoon said she and her husband will leave the state before they subject their three year old to any mental health screening by the State of Illinois, nor will Amy, now six months pregnant, submit to any state program 'invading my privacy under the guise of mental health screening.' Amy's husband, Larry, also rang in by saying, 'This is just one more step in the state separating the parent from the child via the school system. Compulsory mental health evaluation for my wife against her will? Good-bye, Nazi Illinois.' "

Click Here For Beyond Reform; Beyond Rescue; Beyond Hope

"If the U.N. is good at anything, it is concealment, cover up, and corruption. There is no better example of this attribute than the unfolding 'Oil for Food' scam run directly out of Kofi Annan's office since 1997. "

Click Here For Bus Stop Fatherhood Ads Insult African-American Fathers

"While the NFI's goal is laudable, research shows that fathers bear only part of the responsibility for black fatherlessness. The other major factor is one which the NFI campaign completely ignores--the obstruction of fathers' visitation rights by custodial mothers."

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Who is Telling the Truth?

Rev. Al Sampson appeared on the Interactions radio program today on WBGX 1570AM in Chicago. He, attorney Lewis Myers, and Louis Farrakhan's spokesman Akbar Muhammad were in Darfur recently. Sampson said there was no genocide happening there and the Sudanese government had nothing to do with the Janjaweed (literally "horse and gun" Arabized militia. It was foreign (read "white") influences (I say Arabized because they are dark-skinned Africans living as Arabs. Even President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir is dark-skinned would be called a "brother" were he in the United States.) However, Mr. Mohammed Abdelrhman, a native from Darfur, came on the program and completely contradicted everything Sampson said. He said genocide was going on and the Sudanese government were supporting the Janjaweed. Who is telling the truth?

Akbar Muhammad said a few years ago there was no slavery happening in Sudan. Yet The Baltimore Sun and Rev. Al Sharpton proved there was slavery in Sudan. Who is telling the truth?

Click Here For Defending the Sudan Government

"One western observer who takes a pro-Sudan government line is right-wing libertarian David Hoile, who formerly promoted the public images of Renamo in Mozambique and Inkatha in apartheid-era South Africa.

"In an 'Open letter to Baroness Cox and Christian Solidarity International' David Hoile emphasises instead the abuses - including abductions and forced labour - carried out by the SPLA. He lays the blame for slavery on the former civilian government of Sadiq al-Mahdi, and overlooks the mass of evidence of complicity by the National Islamic Front. He attacks Christian Solidarity International, whose evidence does not seem to prove its claim that the government actually organises raids for the purpose of enslavement, using this premise to conclude that the government is working hard to free slaves and is entirely innocent.

Although his personal view was published by the London-based Sudan Foundation, which is independent but sympathetic to the government, Mr Hoile also worked for Westminster Associates, contracted in 1996 to improve Sudan's international public image."

Click Here For Slavery in Sudan

"In a three-part newspaper series based on their findings, the reporters accuse the Sudanese government of involvement in slave trade. They say unpaid Arab militia are directly helping the Islamic government in its 13-year war against rebels in the mostly Christian and animist south."

Click Here For Black Muslims and the Sudan -- In These Times

"Clay is gratified that so many black activists, politicians and celebrities have been willing to get arrested in front of the Sudanese embassy in Washington D.C. in the last few months to protest the atrocities in Darfur. But he also is a little disgusted.
'What really bothers me about this sudden flash of consciousness is that they've only become interested in the Sudan in the face of the white media's interest in the issue,' he says. 'Where were they when the Sudanese government and its Arab militia were busy killing 2 million black Africans in the southern Sudan?'"

That is exactly what I have been saying too.

Click Here For Kerry accuses Bush of 'reckless mistakes'

"''Senator Kerry's contradictions on Iraq are the wrong signal to send to our troops on the ground, to our coalition partners, to the Iraqi people, and to the terrorists seeking our destruction,' Franks said."

Click Here for John Kerry's Flip Flops

Friday, April 16, 2004
John Kerry's Flip Flops

Flip Flopped On Trade With China

In 1991, Kerry Supported Most-Favored Trade Status For China. “Sen. John Kerry said yesterday that he is breaking party ranks to support most-favored-nation trade status for China … ‘I think the president has some strong arguments about some of the assets of most-favored-nation status for China,’ Kerry said.” (John Aloysius Farrell, “Kerry Breaks Party Ranks To Back China Trade Status,” The Boston Globe, 6/15/91)

In 2000, Kerry Voted In Favor Of Permanent Normal Trade Relations With China.
(H.R. 4444, CQ Vote #251: Passed 83-15: R 46-8; D 37-7, 9/19/00, Kerry Voted Yea)

Now Kerry Criticizes The Bush Administration For Trading With China. “Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said on Monday Americans workers were paying the price for President Bush's weak stance on trade with China and other countries. … On the bus tour, Kerry singled out the Bush administration's handling of trade with China and said that country was manipulating its currency.” (Caren Bohan, "Kerry Pledges Aggressive Trade Stance," Reuters, 4/26/04)

Flip-Flopped On Iraq War

Kerry Voted For Authorization To Use Force In Iraq. (H.J. Res. 114, CQ Vote #237: Passed 77-23: R 48-1; D 29-21; I 0-1, 10/11/02, Kerry Voted Yea.)

In First Dem Debate, Kerry Strongly Supported President’s Action In Iraq. KERRY: “George, I said at the time I would have preferred if we had given diplomacy a greater opportunity, but I think it was the right decision to disarm Saddam Hussein, and when the President made the decision, I supported him, and I support the fact that we did disarm him.” (ABC News, Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate, Columbia, SC, 5/4/03)

Kerry Later Claimed He Voted “To Threaten” Use Of Force In Iraq. “I voted to threaten the use of force to make Saddam Hussein comply with the resolutions of the United Nations.” (Sen. John Kerry, Remarks At Announcement Of Presidential Candidacy, Mount Pleasant, SC, 9/2/03)

Now, Kerry Says He Is Anti-War Candidate. CHRIS MATTHEWS: “Do you think you belong to that category of candidates who more or less are unhappy with this war, the way it’s been fought, along with General Clark, along with Howard Dean and not necessarily in companionship politically on the issue of the war with people like Lieberman, Edwards and Gephardt? Are you one of the anti-war candidates?” KERRY: “I am -- Yes, in the sense that I don’t believe the president took us to war as he should have, yes, absolutely.” (MSNBC’s “Hardball,” 1/6/04)

Flip-Flopped On Eliminating Marriage Penalty For Middle Class

Kerry Said He Will Fight To Keep Tax Relief For Married Couples. “Howard Dean and Gephardt are going to put the marriage penalty back in place. So if you get married in America, we’re going to charge you more taxes. I do not want to do that.” (Fox News’ “Special Report,” 10/23/03)

Said Democrats Fought To End Marriage Penalty Tax. “We fought hard to get rid of the marriage penalty.” (MSNBC’s “News Live,” 7/31/03)

But, In 1998, Kerry Voted Against Eliminating Marriage Penalty Relief For Married Taxpayers With Combined Incomes Less Than $50,000 Per Year, Saving Taxpayers $46 Billion Over 10 Years. (S. 1415, CQ Vote #154: Rejected 48-50: R 5-49; D 43-1, 6/10/98, Kerry Voted Yea)

Flip-Flopped On Patriot Act

Kerry Voted For Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was passed nearly unanimously by the Senate 98-1, and 357-66 in the House. (H.R. 3162, CQ Vote #313: Passed 98-1: R 49-0; D 48-1; I 1-0, 10/25/01, Kerry Voted Yea)

Kerry Used To Defend His Vote. “Most of [The Patriot Act] has to do with improving the transfer of information between CIA and FBI, and it has to do with things that really were quite necessary in the wake of what happened on September 11th.” (Sen. John Kerry, Remarks At Town Hall Meeting, Manchester, NH, 8/6/03)

Now, Kerry Attacks Patriot Act.
“We are a nation of laws and liberties, not of a knock in the night. So it is time to end the era of John Ashcroft. That starts with replacing the Patriot Act with a new law that protects our people and our liberties at the same time. I’ve been a District Attorney and I know that what law enforcement needs are real tools not restrictions on American’s basic rights.” (Sen. John Kerry, Remarks At Iowa State University, 12/1/03)

Kerry Took BOTH Sides On First Gulf War

Kerry Took BOTH Sides In First Gulf War In Separate Letters To Same Constituent. “Rather than take a side--albeit the one he thought was most expedient--Kerry actually stood on both sides of the first Gulf war, much like he did this time around. Consider this ‘Notebook’ item from TNR’s March 25, 1991 issue, which ran under the headline ‘Same Senator, Same Constituent’: ‘Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition ... to the early use of military force by the US against Iraq. I share your concerns. On January 11, I voted in favor of a resolution that would have insisted that economic sanctions be given more time to work and against a resolution giving the president the immediate authority to go to war.’ --letter from Senator John Kerry to Wallace Carter of Newton Centre, Massachusetts, dated January 22 [1991] ‘Thank you very much for contacting me to express your support for the actions of President Bush in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. From the outset of the invasion, I have strongly and unequivocally supported President Bush’s response to the crisis and the policy goals he has established with our military deployment in the Persian Gulf.’ --Senator Kerry to Wallace Carter, January 31 [1991]” (Noam Scheiber, “Noam Scheiber’s Daily Journal of Politics, The New Republic Online, 1/28/04)

Flip-Flopped On Gay Marriage Amendment

In 2002, Kerry Signed Letter “Urging” MA Legislature To Reject Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage. “We rarely comment on issues that are wholly within the jurisdiction of the General Court, but there are occasions when matters pending before you are of such significance to all residents of the Commonwealth that we think it appropriate for us to express our opinion. One such matter is the proposed Constitutional amendment that would prohibit or seriously inhibit any legal recognition whatsoever of same-sex relationships. We believe it would be a grave error for Massachusetts to enshrine in our Constitution a provision which would have such a negative effect on so many of our fellow residents. … We are therefore united in urging you to reject this Constitutional amendment and avoid stigmatizing so many of our fellow citizens who do not deserve to be treated in such a manner.” (Sen. John Kerry, et al, Letter To Members Of The Massachusetts Legislature, 7/12/02)

Now, In 2004, Kerry Won’t Rule Out Supporting Similar Amendment. “Asked if he would support a state constitutional amendment barring gay and lesbian marriages, Kerry didn’t rule out the possibility. ‘I’ll have to see what language there is,’ he said.” (Susan Milligan, “Kerry Says GOP May Target Him On ‘Wedge Issue,’” The Boston Globe, 2/6/04)

Flip-Flopped On Attacking President During Time Of War

In March 2003, Kerry Promised Not To Attack President When War Began.
“Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts … said he will cease his complaints once the shooting starts. ‘It’s what you owe the troops,’ said a statement from Kerry, a Navy veteran of the Vietnam War. ‘I remember being one of those guys and reading news reports from home. If America is at war, I won’t speak a word without measuring how it’ll sound to the guys doing the fighting when they’re listening to their radios in the desert.’” (Glen Johnson, “Democrats On The Stump Plot Their War Rhetoric,” The Boston Globe, 3/11/03)

But Weeks Later, With Troops Just Miles From Baghdad, Kerry Broke His Pledge.
“‘What we need now is not just a regime change in Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but we need a regime change in the United States,’ Kerry said in a speech at the Peterborough Town Library. Despite pledging two weeks ago to cool his criticism of the administration once war began, Kerry unleashed a barrage of criticism as US troops fought within 25 miles of Baghdad.” (Glen Johnson, “Kerry Says Us Needs Its Own ‘Regime Change,’” The Boston Globe, 4/3/03)

Flip-Flopped On Death Penalty For Terrorists

In 1996, Kerry Attacked Governor Bill Weld For Supporting Death Penalty For Terrorists.
KERRY: “Your policy would amount to a terrorist protection policy. Mine would put them in jail.” (1996 Massachusetts Senate Debate, 9/16/96)

In 1996, Kerry Said, “You Can Change Your Mind On Things, But Not On Life-And-Death Issues.” (Timothy J. Connolly, “The ‘Snoozer’ Had Some Life,” [Worcester, MA] Telegram & Gazette, 7/3/96)

But, In 2002, Kerry Said He Supported Death Penalty For Terrorists. KERRY: “The law of the land is the law of the land, but I have also said that I am for the death penalty for terrorists because terrorists have declared war on your country.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 12/1/02)

Flip-Flopped On No Child Left Behind

Kerry Voted For No Child Left Behind Act. (H.R. 1, CQ Vote #371: Adopted 87-10: R 44-3; D 43-6; I 0-1, 12/18/01, Kerry Voted Yea)

But Now Kerry Is Attacking No Child Left Behind As “Mockery.” “Between now and the time I’m sworn in January 2005, I’m going to use every day to make this president accountable for making a mockery of the words ‘No Child Left Behind.’” (Holly Ramer, “Kerry Wants To Make ‘Environmental Justice’ A Priority,” The Associated Press, 4/22/03)

Kerry Trashed NCLB As ‘Unfunded Mandate’ With ‘Laudable’ Goals. “Kerry referred to [No Child Left Behind] as an ‘unfunded mandate’ with ‘laudable’ goals. ‘Without the resources, education reform is a sham,’ Kerry said. ‘I can’t wait to crisscross this country and hold this president accountable for making a mockery of the words “no child left behind.”‘“ (Matt Leon, “Sen. Kerry In Tune With Educators,” The [Quincy, MA] Patriot Ledger, 7/11/03)

Flip-Flopped On Affirmative Action

In 1992, Kerry Called Affirmative Action “Inherently Limited And Divisive.” “[W]hile praising affirmative action as ‘one kind of progress’ that grew out of civil rights court battles, Kerry said the focus on a rights-based agenda has ‘inadvertently driven most of our focus in this country not to the issue of what is happening to the kids who do not get touched by affirmative action, but … toward an inherently limited and divisive program which is called affirmative action.’ That agenda is limited, he said, because it benefits segments of black and minority populations, but not all. And it is divisive because it creates a ‘perception and a reality of reverse discrimination that has actually engendered racism.’” (Lynne Duke, “Senators Seek Serious Dialogue On Race,” The Washington Post, 4/8/92)

In 2004, Kerry Denied Ever Having Called Affirmative Action “Divisive.” CNN’s KELLY WALLACE: “We caught up with the Senator, who said he never called affirmative action divisive, and accused Clark of playing politics.” SEN. KERRY: “That’s not what I said. I said there are people who believe that. And I said mend it, don’t end it. He’s trying to change what I said, but you can go read the quote. I said very clearly I have always voted for it. I’ve always supported it. I’ve never, ever condemned it. I did what Jim Clyburn did and what Bill Clinton did, which is mend it. And Jim Clyburn wouldn’t be supporting it if it were otherwise. So let’s not have any politics here. Let’s keep the truth.” (CNN’s “Inside Politics,” 1/30/04)

Flip-Flopped On Ethanol

Kerry Twice Voted Against Tax Breaks For Ethanol. (S. Con. Res. 18, CQ Vote #44: Rejected 48-52: R 11-32; D 37-20, 3/23/93, Kerry Voted Nay; S. Con. Res. 18, CQ Vote #68: Motion Agreed To 55-43: R 2-40; D 53-3, 3/24/93, Kerry Voted Yea)

Kerry Voted Against Ethanol Mandates. (H.R. 4624, CQ Vote #255: Motion Agreed To 51-50: R 19-25; D 31-25, 8/3/94, Kerry Voted Nay)

Kerry Voted Twice To Increase Liability On Ethanol, Making It Equal To Regular Gasoline. (S. 517, CQ Vote #87: Motion Agreed To 57-42: R 38-10; D 18-32; I 1-0, 4/25/02 Kerry Voted Nay; S. 14, CQ Vote #208: Rejected 38-57: R 9-40; D 28-17; I 1-0, 6/5/03, Kerry Voted Yea)

On The Campaign Trail, Though, Kerry Is For Ethanol.
KERRY: “I’m for ethanol, and I think it’s a very important partial ingredient of the overall mix of alternative and renewable fuels we ought to commit to.” (MSNBC/DNC, Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate, Des Moines, IA, 11/24/03)

Flip-Flopped On Cuba Sanctions

Senator Kerry Has Long Voted Against Stronger Cuba Sanctions. (H.R. 927, CQ Vote #489, Motion Rejected 59-36: R 50-2; D 9-34, 10/17/95, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 955, CQ Vote #183: Rejected 38-61: R 5-49; D 33-12, 7/17/97, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1234, CQ Vote #189, Motion Agreed To 55-43: R 43-10; D 12-33, 6/30/99, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 2549, CQ Vote #137: Motion Agreed To 59-41: R 52-3; D 7-38, 6/20/00, Kerry Voted Nay)

In 2000, Kerry Said Florida Politics Is Only Reason Cuba Sanctions Still In Place. “Senator John F. Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat and member of the Foreign Relations Committee, said in an interview that a reevaluation of relations with Cuba was ‘way overdue.’ ‘We have a frozen, stalemated, counterproductive policy that is not in humanitarian interests nor in our larger credibility interest in the region,’ Kerry said. … ‘It speaks volumes about the problems in the current American electoral process. … The only reason we don’t reevaluate the policy is the politics of Florida.’” (John Donnelly, “Policy Review Likely On Cuba,” The Boston Globe, 4/9/00)

Now Kerry Panders To Cuban Vote, Saying He Would Not Lift Embargo Against Cuba. TIM RUSSERT: “Would you consider lifting sanctions, lifting the embargo against Cuba?” SEN. KERRY: “Not unilaterally, not now, no.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 8/31/03)

Kerry Does Not Support “Opening Up The Embargo Wily Nilly.”
“Kerry said he believes in ‘engagement’ with the communist island nation but that does not mean, ‘Open up the dialogue.’ He believes it ‘means travel and perhaps even remittances or cultural exchanges’ but he does not support ‘opening up the embargo wily nilly.’” (Daniel A. Ricker, “Kerry Says Bush Did Not Build A ‘Legitimate Coalition’ In Iraq,” The Miami Herald, 11/25/03)

Flip-Flopped On NAFTA

Kerry Voted For NAFTA.
(H.R. 3450, CQ Vote #395: Passed 61-38: R 34-10; D 27-28, 11/20/93, Kerry Voted Yea)

Kerry Recognized NAFTA Is Our Future.
“‘NAFTA recognizes the reality of today’s economy - globalization and technology,’ Kerry said. ‘Our future is not in competing at the low-level wage job; it is in creating high-wage, new technology jobs based on our skills and our productivity.’” (John Aloysius Farrell, “Senate’s OK Finalizes NAFTA Pact,” The Boston Globe, 11/21/93)

Now, Kerry Expresses Doubt About NAFTA.
“Kerry, who voted for NAFTA in 1993, expressed some doubt about the strength of free-trade agreements. ‘If it were before me today, I would vote against it because it doesn’t have environmental or labor standards in it,’ he said.” (David Lightman, “Democrats Battle For Labor’s Backing,” Hartford Courant, 8/6/03)

Flip-Flopped On Double Taxation Of Dividends

December 2002: Kerry Favored Ending Double Taxation Of Dividends.
“[T]o encourage investments in the jobs of the future - I think we should eliminate the tax on capital gains for investments in critical technology companies - zero capital gains on $100 million issuance of stock if it’s held for 5 years and has created real jobs. And we should attempt to end the double taxation of dividends.” (Sen. John Kerry, Remarks At The City Club Of Cleveland, 12/3/02)

May 2003: Kerry Said He Opposed Ending Double Taxation Of Dividends.
“Kerry also reiterated his opposition to the Republican plan to cut taxes on stock dividends. ‘This is not the time for a dividends tax cut that goes to individuals,’ he said.” (“Kerry Says Time Is On Dems’ Side,” The Associated Press, 5/8/03)

Flip-Flopped On Raising Taxes During Economic Downturn

September 2001: Said Should Not Raise Taxes In Economic Downturn. “The first priority is the economy of our nation. And when you have a downturn in the economy, the last thing you do is raise taxes or cut spending. We shouldn’t do either. We need to maintain a course that hopefully will stimulate the economy. . . . No, we should not raise taxes, but we have to put everything on the table to take a look at why we have this structural problem today. . . .[Y]ou don’t want to raise taxes.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 9/2/01)

We Should “Absolutely Not Raise Taxes.”
“Well, I think it’s very clear what I favor because we voted for it early in the spring, which was the Democratic budget alternative that had triggers in it where you didn’t wind up spending money you don’t have. It had a smaller tax cut but more tax cut for a stimulus, which is what we need. So you ask me, what do we need now? Yes, we need additional stimulus. We should absolutely not raise taxes. We should not cut spending. What we need to do is drive the economy of this country. The economy is the number one issue. It is the most important thing we should focus on.” (CNN’s “Evans, Novak, Hunt & Shields,” 9/8/01)

April 2002: Said He Wanted Larger Tax Cut And Was “Not In Favor Of” Repeal. CNN’s TUCKER CARLSON: “Senator Kerry . . . [many Democrats] [g]et a lot of political mileage out of criticizing [President Bush’s tax cut], but nobody has the courage to say repeal it. Are you for repealing it?” KERRY: “It’s not a question of courage. . . . And it’s not an issue right now. We passed appropriately a tax cut as a stimulus, some $40 billion. Many of us thought it should have even maybe been a little bit larger this last year … [T]he next tax cut doesn’t take effect until 2004. If we can grow the economy enough between now and then, if we have sensible policies in place and make good choices, who knows what our choices will be. So it’s simply not a ripe issue right now. And I’m not in favor of turning around today and repealing it.” (CNN’s “Crossfire,” 4/16/02)

December 2002: Flip-Flopped, Would Keep Tax Cuts From Taking Effect. NBC’s TIM RUSSERT: “Senator . . . should we freeze or roll back the Bush tax cut?” KERRY: “Well, I wouldn’t take away from people who’ve already been given their tax cut … What I would not do is give any new Bush tax cuts.” … RUSSERT: “So the tax cut that’s scheduled to be implemented in the coming years …” KERRY: “No new tax cut under the Bush plan. . . . It doesn’t make economic sense.” … RUSSERT: “Now, this is a change …” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 12/1/02)

Called For Freeze Of Bush Tax Cuts In Favor Of Year-Long Suspension Of Payroll Taxes On First $10,000 Of Personal Income.
“Kerry said Bush’s tax cuts have mainly benefited the rich while doing little for the economy. Kerry is proposing to halt Bush’s additional tax cuts and instead impose a yearlong suspension of payroll taxes on the first $10,000 of income to help the poor and middle class.” (Tyler Bridges, “Kerry Visits Miami To Start Raising Funds,” The Miami Herald, 12/7/02)

Flip-Flopped On Small Business Income Taxes

Kerry Voted Against Exempting Small Businesses And Family Farms From Clinton Income Tax Increase. (S. Con. Res. 18, CQ Vote #79: Motion Agreed To 54-45: R 0-43; D 54-2, 3/25/93, Kerry Voted Yea)

Three Months Later, Kerry Voted In Favor Of Proposal To Exclude Small Businesses From The Increased Income Tax.
(S. 1134, CQ Vote #171: Motion Rejected 56-42: R 43-0; D 13-42, 6/24/93, Kerry Voted Yea)

Kerry Claimed He Fought To Exempt Small Businesses From Income Tax Increases.
“I worked to amend the reconciliation bill so that it would … exempt small businesses who are classified as subchapter S corporations from the increased individual income tax.” (Sen. John Kerry, Congressional Record, 6/29/93, p. S 8268)

Kerry Flip-Flopped On 50-Cent Gas Tax Increase

In 1994, Kerry Backed Half-Dollar Increase In Gas Tax.
“Kerry said [the Concord Coalition’s scorecard] did not accurately reflect individual lawmakers’ efforts to cut the deficit. ‘It doesn’t reflect my $43 billion package of cuts or my support for a 50-cent increase in the gas tax,’ Kerry said.” (Jill Zuckman, “Deficit-Watch Group Gives High Marks To 7 N.E. Lawmakers,” The Boston Globe, 3/1/94)

Two Years Later, Kerry Flip-Flopped.
“Kerry no longer supports the 50-cent [gas tax] hike, nor the 25-cent hike proposed by the [Concord] coalition.” (Michael Grunwald, “Kerry Gets Low Mark On Budgeting,” The Boston Globe, 4/30/96)

Flip-Flopped On Leaving Abortion Up To States

Kerry Used To Say Abortion Should Be Left Up To States. “I think the question of abortion is one that should be left for the states to decide,” Kerry said during his failed 1972 Congressional bid. (“John Kerry On The Issues,” The [Lowell, MA] Sun, 10/11/72)

Now Kerry Says Abortion Is Law Of Entire Nation.
“The right to choose is the law of the United States. No person has the right to infringe on that freedom. Those of us who are in government have a special responsibility to see to it that the United States continues to protect this right, as it must protect all rights secured by the constitution.” (Sen. John Kerry [D-MA], Congressional Record, 1/22/85)

Flip-Flopped On Litmus Tests For Judicial Nominees

Kerry Used To Oppose Litmus Tests For Judicial Nominees. “Throughout two centuries, our federal judiciary has been a model institution, one which has insisted on the highest standards of conduct by our public servants and officials, and which has survived with undiminished respect. Today, I fear that this institution is threatened in a way that we have not seen before. … This threat is that of the appointment of a judiciary which is not independent, but narrowly ideological, through the systematic targeting of any judicial nominee who does not meet the rigid requirements of litmus tests imposed …” (Sen. John Kerry, Congressional Record, 2/3/86, p. S864)

But Now Kerry Says He Would Only Support Supreme Court Nominees Who Pledge To Uphold Roe v. Wade.
“The potential retirement of Supreme Court justices makes the 2004 presidential election especially important for women, Senator John F. Kerry told a group of female Democrats yesterday, and he pledged that if elected president he would nominate to the high court only supporters of abortion rights under its Roe v. Wade decision. … ‘Any president ought to appoint people to the Supreme Court who understand the Constitution and its interpretation by the Supreme Court. In my judgment, it is and has been settled law that women, Americans, have a defined right of privacy and that the government does not make the decision with respect to choice. Individuals do.’” (Glen Johnson, “Kerry Vows Court Picks To Be Abortion-Rights Supporters,” The Boston Globe, 4/9/03)

Flip-Flopped On Federal Health Benefits

In 1993, Kerry Expressed Doubts That Federal Employees Health Benefits System Worked Well. “Hillary Rodham Clinton today offered a fresh description of one of the most confusing elements of the Administration health care plan, the health insurance purchasing alliances, saying they would let all Americans choose coverage in the way members of Congress do. … Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, said he was not sure that the Federal program worked all that well.” (Adam Clymer, “Hillary Clinton Says Health Plan Will Be Familiar,” The New York Times, 12/8/93)

Kerry Expressed Personal Dissatisfaction With His Coverage Through Federal Program. “Earlier this month, when Hillary Rodham Clinton came to Boston and vowed that average Americans would get as good coverage as that enjoyed by their senators and representatives, Sen. John F. Kerry told Clinton that he thought the country could do better. The Massachusetts Democrat said he was thinking, among other recent disasters, of his $500 dental bill for treatment of an abscessed tooth. ‘Because it was done in the dentist’s office, rather than the hospital, they didn’t cover it. So they were urging me to go spend twice as much in a hospital,’ said Kerry, who is covered by BACE, the Beneficial Association of Capitol Employees.” (Ana Puga, “Lawmakers Talk Health Care,” The Boston Globe, 12/19/93)

Now, On Campaign Trail, Kerry Is Enthusiastic About Health Care He Receives As Senator. “As a U.S. Senator, I could get the best health care in the world. Most people aren’t so lucky, and we need to change that. That’s why my plan gives every American access to the same kind of health care that members of Congress give themselves. … Because your family’s health care is just as important as any politicians’ in Washington.” (Sen. John Kerry, “Affordable Health Care For All Americans,” Remarks At Mercy Medical, Cedar Rapids, IA, 12/14/03)

Kerry: “I’m Going To Make Available To Every American The Same Health Care Plan That Senators And Congressmen Give Themselves …” (Sen. John Kerry, AARP Democrat Candidate Debate, Bedford, NH, 11/18/03)

Flip-Flopped On Tax Credits For Small Business Health

In 2001, Kerry Voted Against Amendment Providing $70 Billion For Tax Credits For Small Business To Purchase Health Insurance. (H. Con. Res. 83, CQ Vote #83: Rejected 49-51: R 48-2; D 1-49, 4/5/01, Kerry Voted Nay)

Now, Kerry Promises Refundable Tax Credits To Small Businesses For Health Coverage. “Refundable tax credits for up to 50 percent of the cost of coverage will be offered to small businesses and their employees to make health care more affordable.” (“John Kerry’s Plan To Make Health Care Affordable To Every American,” John Kerry For President Website,, Accessed 1/21/04)

Flip-Flopped On Health Coverage

In 1994, Kerry Said Democrats Push Health Care Too Much. “[Kerry] said Kennedy and Clinton’s insistence on pushing health care reform was a major cause of the Democratic Party’s problems at the polls.” (Joe Battenfeld, “Jenny Craig Hit With Sex Harassment Complaint - By Men,” Boston Herald, 11/30/94)

But Now Kerry Calls Health Care His “Passion.” “Sen. John Kerry says expanding coverage is ‘my passion.’” (Susan Page, “Health Specifics Could Backfire On Candidates,” USA Today, 6/2/03)

Flip-Flopped On Welfare Reform

In 1993, Kerry Voted To Kill Bipartisan Welfare Work Requirement. In 1993, Kerry and Kennedy voted against a welfare-to-work requirement that was supported by many Democrats, including Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Harry Reid (D-NV):

Fiscal 1993 Supplemental Appropriations - Welfare Work Requirement. “Moynihan, D-N.Y., motion to table (kill) the D’Amato, R-N.Y., amendment to sharply cut federal welfare administration aid to states that do not, within a year, require at least 10 percent of their able-bodied welfare recipients without dependents to work. The required workfare participation rate would be increased by 2 percent a year until 50 percent were working.” (H.R. 2118, CQ Vote #163: Rejected 34-64: R 1-42; D 33-22, 6/22/93, Kerry Voted Yea)

But In 1996, Kerry Voted For Welfare Reform. (H.R. 3734, CQ Vote #262: Adopted 78-21: R 53-0; D 25-21, 8/1/96, Kerry Voted Yea)

Flip-Flops On Stock Options Expensing

Kerry Used To Oppose Expensing Stock Options. “Democratic Senator John F. Kerry was among those fighting expensing of stock options.” (Sue Kirchhoff, “Senate Blocks Options,” The Boston Globe, 7/16/02)

Kerry Said Expensing Options Would Not “Benefit The Investing Public.” KERRY: “Mr. President, the Financial Accounting Standards Board … has proposed a rule that will require companies to amortize the value of stock options and deduct them off of their earnings statements … I simply cannot see how the FASB rule, as proposed, will benefit the investing public.” (Sen. John Kerry, Congressional Record, 3/10/94, p. S2772)

But Now Kerry Says He Supports Carrying Of Stock Options As Corporate Expense.
“On an issue related to corporate scandals, Kerry for the first time endorsed the carrying of stock options as a corporate expense. The use of stock options was abused by some companies and contributed to overly optimistic balance sheets. Kerry applauded steps by Microsoft Corp. to eliminate stock options for employees and said all publicly traded companies should be required to expense such options.” (Dan Balz, “Kerry Raps Bush Policy On Postwar Iraq,” The Washington Post, 7/11/03)

Flip-Flopped On Medical Marijuana

Kerry Said His “Personal Disposition Is Open To The Issue Of Medical Marijuana.” “Aaron Houston of the Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana said that just a month ago Mr. Kerry seemed to endorse medical marijuana use, and when asked about the content of his mysterious study, said, ‘I am trying to find out. I don’t know.’ Mr. Kerry did say his ‘personal disposition is open to the issue of medical marijuana’ and that he’d stop Drug Enforcement Administration raids on patients using the stuff under California’s medical marijuana law.” (Jennifer Harper, “Inside Politics,” The Washington Times, 8/8/03)

But Now Kerry Says He Wants To Wait For Study Analyzing Issue Before Making Final Decision. “The Massachusetts Democrat said Wednesday he’d put off any final decision on medical marijuana because there’s ‘a study under way analyzing what the science is.’” (Jennifer Harper, “Inside Politics,” The Washington Times, 8/8/03)

Flip-Flopped On Burma Sanctions

In 1995, Kerry Was Against Burma Sanctions. “‘I question whether isolation is a successful means of promoting political change,’ Kerry told a constituent in a 1995 letter justifying his opposition to a Burma sanction bill.” (Geeta Anand, et al., “Menino Gets Ahead Of Himself, Starts Contemplating Third Term,” The Boston Globe, 5/18/97)

But Now Kerry Supports Burma Sanctions.
“In his 1996 reelection campaign, Kerry, after Governor William F. Weld took up the cause, was badgered by advisers into shifting his position. But as he eyes a presidential campaign and the Burma sanction movement gains credibility, Kerry … describes the Burma regime as a ‘semi-criminalized dictatorship … which should not be treated with respect by other nations, but should be instead subject to limitations on travel, investment, and access to the most developed nations.’” (Geeta Anand, et al., “Menino Gets Ahead Of Himself, Starts Contemplating Third Term,” The Boston Globe, 5/18/97)

Flip-Flopped On Military Experience As Credential For Public Office

Kerry: Service Should Not Be “Litmus Test” For Leadership.
“Mr. President, you and I know that if support or opposition to the war were to become a litmus test for leadership, America would never have leaders or recover from the divisions created by that war. You and I know that if service or nonservice in the war is to become a test of qualification for high office, you would not have a Vice President, nor would you have a Secretary of Defense and our Nation would never recover from the divisions created by that war.” (Sen. John Kerry, Congressional Record, 10/08/92, p. S17709)

But Now Kerry Constantly “Challenges The Stature Of His Democratic Opponents” Over Their Lack Of Military Service. “And more than ever, Mr. Kerry is invoking his stature as a Vietnam veteran as he challenges the stature of his Democratic opponents -- none of whom, he frequently points out, have ‘worn the uniform of our country’ -- to withstand a debate with Mr. Bush on national security.” (Adam Nagourney, “As Campaign Tightens, Kerry Sharpens Message,” The New York Times, 8/10/03)

Flip-Flopped On PACs

Kerry Used To Decry “Special Interests And Their PAC Money.” “‘I’m frequently told by cynics in Washington that refusing PAC money is naive,’ Kerry told his supporters in 1985. ‘Do you agree that it is “naïve” to turn down special interests and their PAC money?’” (Glen Johnson, “In A Switch, Kerry Is Launching A PAC,” The Boston Globe, 12/15/01)

But Now, Kerry Has Established His Own PAC. “A week after repeating that he has refused to accept donations from political action committees, Senator John F. Kerry announced yesterday that he was forming a committee that would accept PAC money for him to distribute to other Democratic candidates. … Kerry’s stance on soft money, unregulated donations funneled through political parties, puts him in the position of raising the type of money that he, McCain, and others in the campaign-finance reform movement are trying to eliminate.” (Glen Johnson, “In A Switch, Kerry Is Launching A PAC,” The Boston Globe, 12/15/01)

Flip-Flopped On $10,000 Donation Limit To His PAC

When Kerry Established His PAC In 2001, He Instituted A $10,000 Limit On Donations. “A week after repeating that he has refused to accept donations from political action committees, Senator John F. Kerry announced yesterday that he was forming a committee that would accept PAC money for him to distribute to other Democratic candidates … The statement also declared that the new PAC would voluntarily limit donations of so-called soft money to $10,000 per donor per year and disclose the source and amount of all such donations.” (Glen Johnson, “In A Switch, Kerry Is Launching A Pac,” The Boston Globe, 12/15/01)

One Year Later, Kerry Started Accepting Unlimited Contributions. “Senator John F. Kerry, who broke with personal precedent last year when he established his first political action committee, has changed his fund-raising guidelines again, dropping a $10,000 limit on contributions from individuals, a cap he had touted when establishing the PAC. The Massachusetts Democrat said yesterday he decided to accept unlimited contributions, which has already allowed him to take in ‘soft money’ donations as large as $25,000, because of the unprecedented fund-raising demands confronting him as a leader in the Senate Democratic caucus.” (Glen Johnson, “Kerry Shifts Fund-Raising Credo For His Own PAC,” The Boston Globe, 10/4/02)

Flip-Flopped On Using Personal Funds In 1996 Race

In 1996, Kerry And Weld Established $500,000 Limit Of Personal Wealth To Be Used In Senate Campaign. “In 1996, Kerry and Weld gave their already noteworthy Senate race added significance by establishing a spending cap. The candidates agreed to spend no more than $6.9 million from July 1 through the election. Weld ended up spending $6.6 million and Kerry $6.3 million. One key element of the agreement limited the candidates to spending $500,000 in personal wealth, a clause Weld favored because Kerry is married to a millionaire, Teresa Heinz.” (Glen Johnson, “In Kerry’s Plan For A Pac, The Resolution Of Opposites,” The Boston Globe, 12/18/01)

Kerry Broke Agreement By Spending $1.2 Million Over Limit. “[P]ost-election reports showed a last-minute infusion of $1.7 million from Kerry’s wife, heiress Teresa Heinz. … [K]erry denied that his campaign violated its agreement. The money had been loaned--not contributed--by his wife, he explained. ‘There was nothing in the agreement that restricted us from taking a loan … and we paid it back in $1,000 and $2,000 chunks.’” (“Global Ecology Lobby Rocked By Defection,” Political Finance, The Newsletter, 1/02)

Flip-Flopped On Israel Security Fence

October 2003: Kerry Calls Fence “Barrier To Peace.” “And I know how disheartened Palestinians are by the Israeli government’s decision to build a barrier off the green line, cutting deeply into Palestinian areas. We do not need another barrier to peace. Provocative and counterproductive measures only harm Israel’s security over the long- term, they increase hardships to the Palestinian people, and they make the process of negotiating an eventual settlement that much harder.” (Sen. John Kerry, Remarks Before Arab American Institute National Leadership Conference, Dearborn, MI, 10/17/03)

February 2004: Kerry Calls Fence “Legitimate Act Of Self-Defense.”
“US Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the frontrunner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, described Israel’s construction of a security barrier as a ‘legitimate act of self defense’ after Sunday’s suicide bombing in Jerusalem, clarifying a position he took in October when he told an Arab American audience, ‘We don’t need another barrier to peace.’” (Janine Zacharia, “Kerry Defends Security Fence,” The Jerusalem Post, 2/25/04)

Flip-Flop-Flipped On Ballistic Missile Defense

Kerry Called For Cancellation Of Missile Defense Systems In 1984 And Has Voted Against Funding For Missile Defense At Least 53 Times Between 1985 And 2000. (“John Kerry On The Defense Budget,” Campaign Position Paper, John Kerry For U.S. Senate, 1984; S. 1160, CQ Vote #99: Rejected 21-78: R 2-50; D 19-28, 6/4/85, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1160, CQ Vote #100: Rejected 38-57: R 6-45; D 32-12, 6/4/85, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1160, CQ Vote #101: Rejected 36-59: R 1-49; D 35-10, 6/4/85, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1160, CQ Vote #103: Rejected 33-62: R 28-22; D 5-40, 6/4/85, Kerry Voted Nay; H.J. Res. 465, CQ Vote #365: Motion Agreed To 64-32: R 49-2; D 15-30, 12/10/85, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 4515, CQ Vote #122: Ruled Non-Germane 45-47: R 7-42; D 38-5, 6/6/86, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 2638, CQ Vote #176: Motion Agreed To 50-49: R 41-11; D 9-38, 8/5/86, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 2638, CQ Vote #177: Rejected 49-50: R 10-42; D 39-8, 8/5/86, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1174, CQ Vote #248: Motion Agreed To 58-38: R 8-37; D 50-1, 9/17/87, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1174, CQ Vote #259: Motion Agreed To 51-50: R 37-9; D 13-41, With Vice President Bush Casting An “ Yea “ Vote, 9/22/87, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 2355, CQ Vote #124: Motion Agreed To 66-29: R 38-6; D 28-23, 5/11/88, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 2355, CQ Vote #125: Motion Agreed To 50-46: R 38-7; D 12-39, 5/11/88, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 2355, CQ Vote #126: Motion Rejected 47-50: R 38-6; D 9-44, 5/11/88, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 2355, CQ Vote #128: Motion Rejected 48-50: R 6-39; D 42-11, 5/11/88, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 2355, CQ Vote #136: Motion Agreed To 56-37: R 9-34; D 47-3, 5/13/88, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 2355, CQ Vote #137: Motion Agreed To 51-43: R 38-5; D 13-38, 5/13/88, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 4264, CQ Vote #251: Motion Rejected 35-58: R 35-9; D 0-49, 7/14/88, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 4781, CQ Vote #296: Motion Agreed To 50-44: R 5-39; D 45-5, 8/5/88, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1352, CQ Vote #148: Motion Agreed To 50-47: R 37-6; D 13-41, 7/27/89, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 3072, CQ Vote #202: Rejected 34-66: R 27-18; D 7-48, 9/26/89, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 3072, CQ Vote #213: Adopted 53-47: R 39-6; D 14-41, 9/28/89, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 2884, CQ Vote #223: Adopted 54-44: R 2-42; D 52-2, 8/4/90, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 2884, CQ Vote #225: Motion Agreed To 56-41: R 39-4; D 17-37, 8/4/90, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 2884, CQ Vote #226: Motion Agreed To 54-43: R 37-6; D 17-37, 8/4/90, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 5803, CQ Vote #319: Adopted 80-17: R 37-6; D 43-11, 10/26/90, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 4739, CQ Vote #320: Adopted 80-17: R 37-6; D 43-11, 10/26/90, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 1507, CQ Vote #168: Rejected 39-60: R 4-39; D 35-21, 7/31/91, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1507, CQ Vote #171: Motion Agreed To 60-38: R 40-3; D 20-35, 8/1/91, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 1507, CQ Vote #172: Motion Agreed To 64-34: R 39-4; D 25-30, 8/1/91, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 1507, CQ Vote #173: Rejected 46-52: R 5-38; D 41-14, 8/1/91, Kerry Voted Yea; H.R. 2521, CQ Vote #207: Motion Agreed To 50-49: R 38-5; D 12-44, 9/25/91, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 2403, CQ Vote #85: Adopted 61-38: R 7-36; D 54-2, 5/6/92, Kerry Voted Yea; H.R. 4990, CQ Vote #108: Adopted 90-9: R 34-9; D 56-0, 5/21/92, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 3114, CQ Vote #182: Motion Rejected 43-49: R 34-5; D 9-44, 8/7/92, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 3114, CQ Vote #214: Rejected 48-50: R 5-38; D 43-12, 9/17/92, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 3114, CQ Vote #215: Adopted 52-46: R 39-4; D 13-42, 9/17/92, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 5504, CQ Vote #228: Adopted 89-4: R 36-4; D 53-0, 9/22/92, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1298, CQ Vote #251: Adopted 50-48: R 6-36; D 44-12, 9/9/93, Kerry Voted Yea; S. Con. Res. 63, CQ Vote #64: Rejected 40-59: R 2-42; D 38-17, 3/22/94, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1026, CQ Vote #354: Motion Agreed To 51-48: R 47-6; D 4-42, 8/3/95, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 1087, CQ Vote #384: Rejected 45-54: R 5-49; D 40-5, 8/10/95, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1087, CQ Vote #397: Passed 62-35: R 48-4; D 14-31, 9/5/95, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 1530, CQ Vote #399: Passed 64-34: R 50-3; D 14-31, 9/6/95, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 2126, CQ Vote #579: Adopted 59-39: R 48-5; D 11-34, 11/16/95, Kerry Voted Nay; H.R. 1530, CQ Vote #608: Adopted 51-43: R 47-2; D 4-41, 12/19/95, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 1635, CQ Vote #157: Rejected 53-46: R 52-0; D 1-46, 6/4/96, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 1745, CQ Vote #160: Rejected 44-53: R 4-49; D 40-4, 6/19/96, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1745, CQ Vote #187: Passed 68-31: R 50-2; D 18-29, 7/10/96, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 936, CQ Vote #171: Rejected 43-56: R 2-53; D 41-3, 7/11/97, Kerry Voted Yea; S. 1873, CQ Vote #131: Motion Rejected 59-41: R 55-0; D 4-41, 5/13/98, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 1873, CQ Vote #262: Motion Rejected 59-41: R 55-0; D 4-41, 9/9/98, Kerry Voted Nay; S. 2549, CQ Vote #178: Motion Agreed To 52-48: R 52-3; D 0-45, 7/13/00, Kerry Voted Nay)

Kerry Then Claimed To Support Missile Defense. “I support the development of an effective defense against ballistic missiles that is deployed with maximum transparency and consultation with U.S. allies and other major powers. If there is a real potential of a rogue nation firing missiles at any city in the United States, responsible leadership requires that we make our best, most thoughtful efforts to defend against that threat. The same is true of accidental launch. If it were to happen, no leader could ever explain not having chosen to defend against the disaster when doing so made sense.” (Peace Action Website, “Where Do The Candidates Stand On Foreign Policy?”, Accessed 3/10/04)

Now Kerry Campaign Says He Will Defund Missile Defense.
FOX NEWS’ MAJOR GARRETT: “Kerry would not say how much all of this would cost. A top military adviser said the Massachusetts Senator would pay for some of it by stopping all funds to deploy a national ballistic missile defense system, one that Kerry doesn’t believe will work.” KERRY ADVISOR RAND BEERS: “He would not go forward at this time because there is not a proof of concept.” (Fox News’ “Special Report,” 3/17/03)

Flip-Flopped On 1991 Iraq War Coalition

At The Time, Kerry Questioned Strength Of 1991 Coalition. “I keep hearing from people, ‘Well, the coalition is fragile, it won’t stay together,’ and my response to that is, if the coalition is so fragile, then what are the vital interests and what is it that compels us to risk our young American’s lives if the others aren’t willing to stay the … course of peace? … I voted against the president, I’m convinced we’re doing this the wrong way …” (CBS’ “This Morning,” 1/16/91)

Now Kerry Has Nothing But Praise For 1991 Coalition. SEN. JOHN KERRY: “In my speech on the floor of the Senate I made it clear, you are strongest when you act with other nations. All presidents, historically, his father, George Herbert Walker Bush, did a brilliant job of building a legitimate coalition and even got other people to help pay for the war.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 1/11/04)

Flip-Flopped On View Of War On Terror

Kerry Said War On Terror Is “Basically A Manhunt.” “Kerry was asked about Bush’s weekend appearance on ‘Meet the Press’ when he called himself a ‘war president.’ The senator, who watched the session, remarked: ‘The war on terrorism is a very different war from the way the president is trying to sell it to us. It’s a serious challenge, and it is a war of sorts, but it is not the kind of war they’re trying to market to America.’ Kerry characterized the war on terror as predominantly an intelligence-gathering and law enforcement operation. ‘It’s basically a manhunt,’ he said. ‘You gotta know who they are, where they are, what they’re planning, and you gotta be able to go get ‘em before they get us.’” (Katherine M. Skiba, “Bush, Kerry Turn Focus To Each Other,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/13/04)

Two Weeks Later, Kerry Flip-Flopped, Saying War On Terror Is More Than “A Manhunt”. “This war isn’t just a manhunt – a checklist of names from a deck of cards. In it, we do not face just one man or one terrorist group. We face a global jihadist movement of many groups, from different sources, with separate agendas, but all committed to assaulting the United States and free and open societies around the globe.” (Sen. John Kerry, Remarks At University Of California At Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, 2/27/04)

Flip-Flopped On Funding For Our Troops In Iraq

Kerry Pledged To Fund Reconstruction With “Whatever Number” Of Dollars It Took. NBC’S TIM RUSSERT: “Do you believe that we should reduce funding that we are now providing for the operation in Iraq?” SEN. JOHN KERRY: “No. I think we should increase it.” RUSSERT: “Increase funding?” KERRY: “Yes.” RUSSERT: “By how much?” KERRY: “By whatever number of billions of dollars it takes to win. It is critical that the United States of America be successful in Iraq, Tim.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 8/31/03)

Then Kerry Voted Against Senate Passage Of Iraq/Afghanistan Reconstruction Package. “Passage of the bill that would appropriate $86.5 billion in fiscal 2004 supplemental spending for military operations and reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bill would provide $10.3 billion as a grant to rebuild Iraq, including $5.1 billion for security and $5.2 billion for reconstruction costs. It also would provide $10 billion as a loan that would be converted to a grant if 90 percent of all bilateral debt incurred by the former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein has been forgiven by other countries. Separate provisions limit reconstruction aid to $18.4 billion. It also would provide approximately $65.6 billion for military operations and maintenance and $1.3 billion for veterans medical care.” (S. 1689, CQ Vote #400: Passed 87-12: R 50-0; D 37-11; I 0-1, 10/17/03, Kerry Voted Nay)

Kerry Later Claimed: “I Actually Did Vote For The $87 Billion Before I Voted Against It.” (Glen Johnson, “Kerry Blasts Bush On Protecting Troops,” The Boston Globe, 3/17/04)

Flip-Flopped On Tapping Strategic Petroleum Reserve

In February 2000, Kerry Said Release Of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve Would Not Be “Relevant.” “Without being specific, Kerry, a key member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, suggested the US could retaliate economically in other trade areas. He also said he does not want a release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. A release ‘is not relevant. It would take months for the oil to get to the market,’ he said.” (Cathy Landry, “US Energy Chief Warns Of Gasoline Crisis,” Platt’s Oilgram News, 2/17/00)

Now, In March 2004, Kerry Called For Stop In Filling Strategic Petroleum Reserve To Reduce Prices.
“Kerry would pressure oil-producing nations to increase production and temporarily suspend filling the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, according to campaign documents. ... ‘The Bush administration has put the SPR fill program on automatic pilot without regard to the short-term effect on the US market,’ the campaign documents said. ‘The program needs better management ... Kerry would temporarily suspend filling SPR until oil prices return to normal levels.’” (Patricia Wilson, “Kerry To Offer Plan To Reduce Record Gasoline Prices,” Reuters, 3/29/04)

Flip Flopped On Internet Taxation

In 1998, Kerry Voted To Allow States To Continue Taxing Internet Access After Moratorium Took Effect.
Kerry voted against tabling an amendment that would extend the moratorium from two years to three years and allow states that currently impose taxes on Internet access to continue doing so after the moratorium takes effect. (S. 442, CQ Vote #306: Motion Rejected 28-69: R 27-27; D 1-42, 10/7/98, Kerry Voted Nay)

In 2001, Kerry Voted To Extend Internet Tax Moratorium Until 2005 And Allow States To Form Uniform Internet Tax System With Approval Of Congress. (H.R. 1552, CQ Vote #341: Motion Agreed To 57-43: R 35-14; D 22-28; I 0-1, 11/15/01, Kerry Voted Nay)

Kerry Said “We Do Not Support Any Tax On The Internet Itself.” “We do not support any tax on the Internet itself. We don’t support access taxes. We don’t support content taxes. We don’t support discriminatory taxes. Many of us would like to see a permanent moratorium on all of those kinds of taxes. At the same time, a lot of us were caught in a place where we thought it important to send the message that we have to get back to the table in order to come to a consensus as to how we equalize the economic playing field in the United States in a way that is fair.” (Sen. John Kerry, Congressional Record, 11/15/01, p. S11902)